Busy Bee

This just hit me… Tell me what you think!

Ok… I always think “why are we all so busy all the time?” There is always something to do, a position to fill, a place to go, a job to fill, an errand to run, an appointment to meet, etc…

I’m tired just writing all that!!

Then we end up giving up good health and money that we work so hard for to run through a drive through because we don’t have time!

Have you ever noticed that when you do have some down time someone else is standing on your doorstep ready to give you more work or help take some of theirs?

So here’s my question…
Do we stay busy to keep from having to do other peoples’ jobs?
Do we stay busy because we are doing other peoples’ jobs?

I know there was a simpler time!… Way back… When?

Congrats… U made my blog!

Yes! Lady with baby, you’ve made your way in my blog. Is this a good thing??? Probably not today!

I have to admit, I’m tired and a little on the grouchy side today… It’s been a very long and busy week! However, I really believe this would irk me either way.

Karate belt test for 4 hours + lady with baby running up and down the court pushing the stroller in front of everybody and butt ending up in my sons video = irritation!!!! I don’t care to partake in a “my baby’s cute” show… That’s what pageants are for.

Lesson; A little consideration for other people is always a good thing. If we would all think about others rather than ourselves at least most of the time, the world would be a happier place!

Side note to lady with baby: today was about the children in karate… Not you and your baby!

That’s all! Lord forgive me for my attitude. 😉