About Wise Little Nuggets

Psalm 3:15 Wisdom is more precious than rubies; nothing you desire can compare with her.

Wise Little Nuggets is filled with small bits of wisdom I’ve learned along life’s journey through pain, heartache, mistakes, beauty, the Holy Spirit, marriage, and parenting.  My hope is that these Wise Little Nuggets speak to you and perhaps even change the course you have found yourself wandering on or strengthen the course you’ve found yourself running on. My hope is that these Wise Little Nuggets will help change the heart of the church to become real again.  My hunger is to see the Bride of Christ represent Him to the fullest of our ability with truth, love, honesty, hope, genuineness, selflessness, a giving heart, and faithfulness.  I pray we can begin by loving our spouse, our children, and those around us with the love, forgiveness, and grace that Jesus first poured out for us.  I pray we move beyond our church walls and bless those in need both locally and abroad.  Lastly, my hope is that you, my fellow Christ follower will begin to grow closer to the Lord knowing Him in a deeper more intimate way through my daily devotional, my life stories and challenges, and more importantly, the Word of God.  I hope you too will pray for wisdom beyond your years just as I have and that you will finish this race hearing those sweet, sweet words “Well done good and faithful servant”(Matt. 25:23).

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