Broken Resolutions

Well!  I’ve broken every single resolution I made for 2016.  I know! Don’t make them, they’re ridiculous.  I agree! But, there were things I really wanted to change this year.  The good news is, althought the resolutions are broken, I have seen much improvement!

To give you a little laugh, I’ve included my resolutions along with a score just below…

  1. I am NOT buying any clothes or shoes for myself in 2016!
  2. We are NOT eating at a drivethrough at all, ever, for any reason in 2016!
  3. I will eat healthier and excercise!
  4. I will cook for evey meal unless it’s a special occasion, then we can go to a sitdown restaurant.
  5. I’ll have my credit card paid off in March!
  6. Write a daily devotional in Wise Little Nuggets.

Ok! So, #1 & #5 were suppose to work together. As #2, #3, #4 were supposed to work together.  #6 was actually top priority… Here are the actual changes I’ve made…

  1. I have bought 3 sets of work out clothes and 1 regular shirt for myself in 2016 along with 1 pair of leggings and yes, I knew better! Nothing has changed, leggings are still horrid!.  I score this “not too shabby with a moment in lapse of judgement”
  2. Though we have been known to go through Chick-fil-A … We don’t go every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and sometimes Thursday anymore! We only go about once a week! I score this “huge improvement for our arteries”. Now, before you judge, keep in mind we are gone from home anywhere from 5.5-13 hours on those days! If I don’t plan ahead, we starve.
  3. My eating habits have improved alot! I’m excercising at least a few days a week with the intention to do so everyday 🙂 But again, see #2! I’ve come a long way.  I’ll score this one “still room for improvement”
  4. Well… I cook way more than I use to. I want to know what’s going in our bodies and try to buy organic when possible. But seriously… Does anyone cook for every meal?  I’ll score this one “greatly improved”
  5. The good news is,  I’m not using it anymore and the other good news is that it is getting paid down, but… March… Is almost over.  I’ll score this one “Ain’t gonna happen” with an aternate “must be before March 2017”! 😉 And a confession… There are 2 cards, not 1.
  6. I’ll just score this one as “busted” As nothing has been “daily”, but I will be fair and say that I am writing way more than I did last year!

A Resolution is “a firm decision to do or not to do something” (google).

Apparently my firm decisions were on shifting sand.  The good news is everyone reading this has done the same, so, I’m not alone.  I’m in rather good company. The really awesome news is, I believe sometimes God laughs at our silly “firm decisions”. I don’t believe he laughs because He thinks of us as failures.  I believe he laughs because He knows we don’t know the future and He does. Also, because He knows us better than we know ourselves, so He knows… The inevitable.

Broken Resolutions.

He knows all too well.  When we are in a place of worry or fear we might often cry out “Lord if you just fix this, I’ll do that forever and ever”. “I’ll change.”

I suppose some people follow through with those promises more so than if this critical moment in their life would never have happened. But, most do not.

But here’s the thing… The really, really great thing.  No matter how many broken promises we’ve made to Him, to ourselves, or to others…there’s grace.  Grace is a good thing.

Grace: The free unmerited favor of God, as manifested in the salvation of sinners and the bestowal of blessings. (google)

Grace is a really great thing.  I thank God for grace everyday.

Father, I thank you for bestowing blessings upon my life.  It is true that in my weaknesses, you are made strong.  Thank you for your grace that covers my life daily and gives me another chance not just within every sunrise, but also in every breath I breathe.  Thank you for freeing me to try again even in the very next moment.  You are so good.  Your promises are never broken.  I thank you for your greatness.  In Jesus name, I ask you to bless this day, even now.  I love you Lord.  Amen.


One thought on “Broken Resolutions

  1. You still improved yourself and your family! Isn’t that what those resolutions are all about? 🙂 Great job! Looks like it is time to, re-evaluate and assess. Love ya!

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