I lift up my eyes to the hills – where does my help come from?  My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.  He will not let your foot slip – He who watches over you will not slumber. Psalm 121: 1-3

Life can sometimes be so overwhelming, so busy, and so crazy.  Sometimes I find myself in this constant “GO” mode.  Last night I was able to go to therapy.  Therapy is code for grocery shopping by myself.  You think I’m joking?  On the drive home I seriously was so relaxed it felt like I had just been to a spa.  It was heavenly. I wasn’t rushed.  No one was crying that their feet hurt.  No one was begging for this or that.  It was therapeutic.  Plus, I love looking at the conveyor belt after I’ve placed my groceries up there to see that I chose very healthy food for me and my family.  It’s a great feeling.  I also love it when they say “thank you for shopping at Publix, today you saved $____”.  Ahhhh, a relaxing hour at Publix and I saved money too… Yay me!

I know I’ve been writing some pretty heavy stuff this first week of 2016.  It’s all about drawing yourself closer to the Lord.  I also said, it will almost never be easy.  I showed you where the Bible says you are a treasure that God wants to relish in, one that He admires and desires, and one that He wants to show favor to.  But, what about when life feels out of control?

When days aren’t so awesome and when you’re in that moment when you’re making mistake after mistake after mistake and you’re saying to yourself, “This isn’t me!  Why am I doing this?”.  Take heart.

Take Heart

Psalm 31:24 Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the Lord.

Where does your help come from?  Your help comes from the Lord and He never sleeps which means He’s always with you. This is your hope.

It’s OK.

It’s ok to not answer the phone.  It’s ok to shut the kids out of your bedroom for 5-10 minutes while you take a breather.  It’s ok to call pizza delivery every once in a while.  It’s ok to put the kids to bed early.  It’s ok to tell your husband you need to go to the grocery store by yourself for an hour.  It’s ok to not respond to that nasty email you got.  It’s ok to let a friend go if she wants to go.  It’s ok that you aren’t perfect and it’s ok to do what’s best for you and your family before anyone else.   It’s even ok to leave the house messy while you take a nap.  Why?  Because your help comes from the Lord.

Because your help comes from the Lord, you need to spend time with Him and in your busyness, you have to become creative.  So, I want to share two things that I do that have helped me in my walk with the Lord tremendously.  Actually 3.

  1. We start our homeschool day off with breakfast.  After breakfast I sit down with the kids and I read a simple verse from the Bible to them.  I explain what it means and we pray together.  I ask the Lord to fulfill that particular scripture in our lives, whatever it is, and to bless our day.  I always pray for protection as well.  After bible and prayer, I turn a worship song on my phone and we close our eyes and worship the Lord together.  If the kids seem extra rowdy, I’ll turn on a fast praise song and we all dance to it together.
  2. I read them a book at night, their choice… and we pray at bed time.  I pray for Emma’s husband and Bradley’s wife.  I pray for protection over us all again and pray for God to have His way in the lives of all of our friends and family members. This gives them peace at bed time and it gives me one more chance to talk to the Father.
  3. After the kids are in bed and I’ve cleaned the kitchen and all is quiet, this is my own personal time with the Lord.  This time may be just 10 minutes or it may turn into an hour.  Most of the time, this is when I write my blog post for the following day.  This is my time with the Lord.

Here’s the thing.  God knows you.  He knows your heart, He knows your struggles, He knows what you need when you need it and He knows life is tough sometimes.  I have never been a believer of reading the Bible cover to cover for the purpose of  memorizing the entire Holy Word.  I think it’s great if someone can do that, but let me just relieve some pressure from you.  Pick a scripture and chew on it all day and I promise your spirit will grab ahold of it and you will remember it when you need it or when a friend needs it most.  When you meditate on the Word day and night rather than trying to mark “read my bible” off your to do list or “memorize all of Mark by January 31st, check!” off your to do list and you actually focus on the words on the page, God will do such an amazing work in you.  Write that scripture on your mirror with lipstick or shaving cream.  Print it out and post it around your house.  Make it your screen saver.  Write it in pen on your baby’s diaper before you put it on him/her, so when you change it, you read the scripture again.  Write the scripture on a sticky note and stick it on your car dashboard, in your child’s medicine pouch, in your wallet, and even in your shoe.  Whatever you need to do to remember it and chew on it all day, do it.

Be strong and take heart and know that your help comes from the Lord.

Father, I come to you today with hope, hope that you are my help and you will take care of me.  I believe that I am your treasure and that you admire me.  I thank you for your favor.  I thank you for showing me when I can spend time with you during the day and how I can make this happen.  I desire for you to take control and I let go right now.  I let go of control, of fear, and I even let go of this cycle of exhaustion.  I will be strong and take heart and know you are my refuge.  Thank you for today, I give it back to you.  In Jesus name, Amen.

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