Advent & Pregnancy

This is such a beautiful post. As I am planning to begin a daily devotional in 2016 here on Wise Little Nuggets, I hope that even on hard days I can write with grace and beauty just as Kittery has here. Please stay tuned for a new Wise Little Nugget to appear very soon and in the mean time, follow this blog and pray. Rachel

Hold Fast Hope

Pregnancy is a season of anticipation. Anticipation of a baby. From the day you see the positive line, you dream and wait to meet the little life inside. You wonder what this child will look like. You might go through your family baby pictures to get an idea. You speculate about the delivery and arrival of this little soul. You hazard a guess as to what their personality will be like. You imagine the potential impact of their life in your own and how they will fit into your family.

In the Christian calendar, Advent is a season of anticipation. Anticipation of a baby. A promised baby. Observing the weeks of Advent is not something we are necessarily commanded in the Bible to do, but rather an optional tradition that many Christians do to prepare for celebrating Christmas Day – the birth of the Son of God, Jesus Christ. The weeks…

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