Would I Stand?

A gunman is standing in front of a room of students in their late teens-early twenties and he asks “what religion are you?” Are you a Christian?”. To those who proclaim “I am a Christian”, He then states, “good, stand up, you’re about to see God face to face in one second!”. 

Would I stand or would I run?

Would fear take over? Would I deny Christ? 

It’s “See You at the Pole” day at public school.  It’s our National day of prayer for students across this great land and I’m the only one who shows up.  Do I stay or do I go? Do I stand or do I run? 

I’m not sure where you are in your walk with Jesus Christ but I’m telling you now, we are living in the end times.  

In a country that was always free, we are no longer.  We as Christians are being purecuted for our beliefs and for the Words of Christ in our Holy written word.  This has been happening.  We have been pressured to accept because, to the world, acceptance is love.  But to Christ, truth is love. Our church services have become what we think the world will enjoy so we can grow our churches, but aren’t we supposed to be non-conformists? Maybe if we just be Christ, they would be drawn to Him. 

Now, it comes down to black and white, wrong or right, yes or no.  Blending is not an option.  We either stand or we don’t, and so now, we are becoming martyrs in our very own country.

A student stands alone at a flag to pray.  Students stand to proclaim their faith in Christ and die for Him.  This is the world we live now. So, if it were you, what would you choose? What would I choose? 

Would I be one to stand?  Would I stand alone at a flag and pray by myself knowing everyone was watching, judging, and scorning me? Would I stand and say, with all my heart, a resounding “YES! I follow Christ! Yes, I trust Him!  Yes, I’ll die for Him because He first died for me!”? 

Would I stand?

Make no mistake, we are living in times when we all will be faced with this question.  This question is one that sets us apart and causes people to hate us because they hate Christ. Are you a Christain? 

This question may not nessecarily come at the hand of a gun but it may come in an office meeting or on FB or in a one on one conversation.  It may also come in a life or death situation.  Be ready. 

Matthew 10:33 But everyone who denies me here on earth, I will also deny before my Father in heaven.

If we deny Christ, He will deny us. 

Father, I come to you in worship.  Lord, search my heart.  Make known to me anything that is unpleasing to you and help me change.  I want to be your disciple, your student and your unashamed, faithful servant.  God, give me the boldness to say YES! I know Christ and He knows me! Give me the hope and the undeniable joy and faith that comes only from you.  Today I choose to stand.  I choose to stand even when I stand alone.  I choose death on this earth and life with you for eternity in Heaven.  I choose, my sweet Jesus, to stand for you! 


3 thoughts on “Would I Stand?

  1. Very powerful response. What that man did was truly horrific and unjustifiable. I’m still discovering where I stand with how and what I perceive ‘God’ to be. I have a theoretical situation and question for you though. I completely respect that you follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, and that you would have chosen to stand. Your amazing by wanting to doing that and stay loyal to Big C. But say, and this is just a theoretical angle I’m asking you to think from, but say you were the last person in your country that could diffuse really complicated bombs for the reasons of stopping terrorist attacks. But you were also Christian and loyal to Christ. Would it be right to stand then? (Assuming you realised that you would be shot if you did). If you were needed, a week later, to disarm something that only you had the skill to do, you wouldn’t be able to and the worst could happen. I know that’s very out of context but I think healthy religious critical and paradigm shifting thought is incredibly good for the development of ones soul. Assuming I was Christian, I have to say if that theoretical instance, I wouldn’t stand, for the greater good and ensure more lives would be saved from people like this. Would that make me bad or disloyal in the eyes of Christ? What’s your thoughts?


    1. My thoughts go straight to Genesis 28:15 with you and will watch over you wherever you go, and I will bring you back to this land. I will not leave you until I have done what I have promised you.”

      If I am asked if I am a Christian, my answer will always be yes no matter what the circumstances are. If God will keep me and watch over me until my time on this earth is over, then he will do the same for these hypothetical people with this hypothetical bomb that only I can defuse. It’s not my job to try and fix the world or even change hearts or saves lives. It’s my job to do what God has called me to do in the moment I’m in because only I will be the one to answer for me. I will stand!

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