Church Signs…

Ladies and Gents, what I have to say is real.  I want you to envision yourself leaving a bar (gasp).  I know!  Just bare with me.  You are a sinner, not yet saved by grace and you drive by a church where there’s a fancy lit up sign out front.  You just finished chugging 12 beers, cussing like a sailor, and telling off horrible jokes and the sign you see reads “OMG is using the Lord’s name in vain” and it’s accompanied by a scripture address.  The sign doesn’t tell you what the scripture says, there’s just an address for an “area” in that book that “religious people” read and you don’t know what it says… and you don’t care.  

Christians, I want you to Put yourselves in the non-believers’ shoes! Actually, put yourself in Jesus’ sandles.  Think about what you plan to post before you post it.  This actually applies to FB too! 🙂

I saw another church sign a couple of years ago when I took a wrong turn in Georgie that read “The Perfect Church”.  Oh my!  That’s scary!  Seriously, scary!

What message are we sending to the world?  Do you really think that someone who doesn’t even know who Jesus is and doesn’t understand His saving grace, truly cares that they used His name in vain?  I care!  I care because I love him, but they don’t care.  They don’t know and they don’t understand and they surely don’t know what your scripture says and they aren’t going to look it up.  This isn’t being gentle and it’s not being kind.  If the sign is meant for your flock, then share it in the bulletin or preach it from the pulpit.  Wisdom would say, “save this for people who need to hear it and will understand it”.

Proverbs 28:5
Evildoers do not understand what is right, but those who seek the LORD understand it fully.

Isaiah 44:18They know nothing, they understand nothing;

their eyes are plastered over so they cannot see,

and their minds closed so they cannot understand.

Someone who doesn’t understand the love of Christ, who’s eyes are “plastered over” by sins and idols will not feel convicted by, or get a revelation from a sign that calls them a sinner and points out their indiscretions.  But, a sign that says something like “Jesus is your hope”, or “our Father God knows your pain”, or “God hears your heart’s cry” will save a life from committing suicide or cause a driver to turn into the church parking lot seeking prayer and salvation!

I have to bring up Donald Trump for just a minute because there is a parallel reference here for sure.  Donald is amazing at what he does.  There is absolutely no denying that he is a very smart business man and he could get our country back together.  The problem with him is the inability to filter what he has to say.  Many people love him, many people hate him.  He is extremely truthful which I happen to love, but there is no kindness.  I don’t want a “politically correct” leader in any capacity!  I couldn’t care less what the world deems appropriate or what words makes them happy when it comes to politics or media , but that doesn’t mean Donald should be unkind.  Doesn’t this mirror today’s church?  There is obviously nothing but truth in the Word of God.  We are supposed to be an ambassador for Jesus and be leaders in salvation leading people to Christ, but we aren’t kind!  Our words are seasoned with hot pepper sauce and apple cider vinegar.  We have the Word of God, but we aren’t effectively showing people the gentleness of Christ.

Christians, how can we share Jesus without kindness?

If you are one of the church sign putter uppers, please think “Jesus” and “love” and “kindness”. Allow your message to be encouraging and filled with hope, not judgment.  Don’t point fingers, open your arms with love. Think of the words you’re posting as a hug for your favorite person in the whole world.  If your words don’t mirror a hug, don’t post them!

Proverbs 16:24New Living Translation (NLT)

Kind words are like honey—
    sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.

Let your words on your sign and the words that come out of your mouth be like honey, “sweet to the soul and healthy for the body”.  Allow the Lord to use your love to captivate the hearts of man.

Father, in these last days we just thank you for wisdom.  Lord, please help us use wisdom when speaking into others’ lives.  Help us show your love through kindness and gentleness, sharing your message of hope and salvation.  Cause those young and old to come to know you by knowing your sweet love and your forgiveness that covers all sins and all past mistakes.  Make us new.  Remind us we are nothing without you.  In Jesus name.  Amen.

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