The Never Ending Growing Me

How are you liking this new “show me my memories” thing on FB?  It’s pretty cool most of the time, until you find a post that was shared with someone you’ve since deleted. (Lol) Then, you’re just reminded of your loyalty and their lack of… Or vice versa, whatever the case may be. But, that’s another post for another time. đŸ™‚

Today, this is what popped up in mine.  It’s a post I made a year ago today and I just thought, “why didn’t I blog that?”!  So, here it is…

“Sometimes it seems the refining, cleaning, teaching & growing just never ends. It’s nice when it slows down a bit… but be ready for the acceleration period b/c no doubt, it will come! Sometimes it’s so hard to not worry about things you have no control over, but worry never fixes anything. Got to give it to my Jesus! He’s better at it, He knows the answers, He’s bigger than our circumstances, He’s always faithful, His love never ends, He never leaves us, He never forsakes us… That’s His grace, His peace, and His love! #joyinallcircumstances #Hesfaithful #patience #strength #courage #JOY #Hope #Love #Jesus #worshipistheanswer #prayingthrough #getintheword #bible”

Wow!  Now, that is a “Wise Little Nugget” isn’t it?!  I have no clue what was going on in my life at that moment but I can rehash my life up until today and it seems this statement is so true and so relevant and always will be. 

I’ve had to give it to my Jesus daily in this busy never boring life I’m living and yet again, even today I’m overcoming things.  I’m praying about things and waiting for answers.  I’m trusting God to take care of me and my family because He said He would.  I’m growing in Christ and putting my hope and trust in him more now than even yesterday.

No matter what you’re facing, a health crises, a pending adoption, a spouse looking for a job, devastating news of a loved one, a pending separation or divorce, searching for truth, confusion, desperation, depression, fear, hunger, anger, regret, whatever it is, let Christ refine you. 



Let Him separate you from the mess of the storm, let him clean you out and mold you to be all He wants you to be.  Lean on Him as your ultimate authority.  His timing… Is perfect!  His plan… Is perfect!  Always!
Father, I thank you for all that you are and for all you are creating me to be. In my weakness, you are strong.  In this dark world, you are my hope.  When confusion or anxiety comes, you are my peace and my truth.  I trust you Lord. Fully, and completely, I give myself to you as I wait on your perfect timing. I love you Jesus! Amen.

One thought on “The Never Ending Growing Me

  1. or you could name this “love me ,love me not”we could delete any or everyone[not lol],and it means nothing, unless you have family,Friend ,or foe [then to any one that did care for you, they might wonder ,”was it I Lord”],but all LOL aside,this words we speak with our fingers are heard first by the Lord[[our hearts,talk really loud],and then double affirmation in Print. I wrote a a really vile[in my eyes] piece[my heart was breaking] knowing that God and only Him saw my empty mean spirit ,repent my intervoice cried[yes] but those words [on paper.burned] still remain on my mind.I’m so glad God does not “play” change His His loyalty once we repent.I SO LOVE YOUR LAST STATEMENT.What a mighty God we serve,To Him we give the glory.blessings


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