What we want for us but no one else

Have you noticed the world we live in longs for forgiveness of all things, forgiveness instantly even.  We hurt someone, we say we’re sorry and we expect it to be finished. We mess up, we can’t admit we were ever wrong, and for some reason we want whoever we “didn’t” wrong to be happy and get over it.  We say our past is out past. We proclaim that no one should judge us. We decide to live our lives the way we want, when we want and we expect there to be no consequences. In fact, we make life choices that change us forever, stick a smile on our face, and we walk around proudly as if we demand everyone to go along with what we’ve chosen to do because it makes us happy.  Sometimes we even get an applause for our nasty dirty actions. 

We have forgotten other people. Not only have we forgotten that other people have feelings or other people don’t want to see our sins even though we don’t sin (right?), but we also decide we don’t need to extend forgiveness to others. Not only that, but we decide what God will and won’t forgive “if” he truly exists.  We decide we run the the show and we call it “God’s plan”.

We question.  We lie.  We pretend. 

Did you know that sins are forgivable?  Wounds can be mended. Pain can be relieved.  Scars can heal.  Brokenness can be changed to wholeness. Life can be blessed. Life can be joyful.  I mean all sins and all wounds, all scars, and all brokenness. I mean for everyone. Did you know?

Can you agree that if God can forgive you, he can forgive anybody?  Anybody!  Can you agree that there will be some Democrats in Heaven and republicans in hell.  Kinda funny to say, but a true struggle for some. Can you agree that every family has secrets?  Every house has sin.  The degree of sin to us may be greater or less than others… To us.  But to what degree does God judge sin?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only son that whosoever believes in Him will be saved. 

Oh the power of the blood of Jesus. It’s amazing and there is nothing else anywhere else that can or ever will compare to His grace, His provision, His love, His peace, His joy, and… His forgiveness. 

I’m referring you to a link in People magazine. You should click on “people” and read it.  It goes right along with this and it’s a great example of how forgiveness can mend a broken sinful past and heal a wounded family. 

I encourage you to forgive today.  Just let go of the judgements you have and the anger that eats at you every time you see or hear a certain someone. Allow God to move in your life right now. Whatever is coming to mind as you read this, whether a person, a moment, or a lifetime, run to Jesus.  Allow Him to begin to heal your wounds.  Allow Him to cause love and grace to overflow from your heart to your mouth and arms.  Allow Him to teach you what forgiveness is all about.  Allow Him to teach you how to truly be joyful. Then, use your awesome testimony to help someone else.  Afterall, everybody’s got something.  Something they’re going through or something they’re causing others to go through. Be blessed, be changed, and be change! 

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