A Bit Uncomfortable

I don’t know about you, but the Lord has spent the last 4 years doing things that make me very uncomfortable. It seems as though He is not on my schedule.  His plans are not the same as mine and apparently I have much to learn because the lessons keep coming. The blessings do too.

He has sent me to Hondurous, India, and Guatemala. This has shown me the world and taught me that He truly never leaves us and is where we are.  He has taken me from being a worship leader to being a back up singer.  This has allowed me to learn from different leaders and grow in my gift. He has taught me what it is to trust His will and His word rather than my own agenda.

He has changed me!

I have become more loving, kinder, and more aware that he is present. I have learned how to be gentle… Well, more gentle than before.  I have learned to show grace while still keeping my convictions, which is very hard to do in the world we live in.  I have become a better homeschool mom and a better wife. I have become a better friend and I have tried to let go of past hurts and forget bitterness.  I have come to realize when I begin to feel a little blue and I make a conscious effort to find joy in the Lord, in His word, in His blessings, and in my family.

Through all of these things I’ve learned. Relationships have been mended and our home is happier than before. My marriage is better than ever and I’m growing spiritually in Christ.


He continues to always keep me uncomfortable with new lessons.  He speaks to me and if I don’t listen, He sends someone to say it directly to my face. He sends someone to bless me which may sound great, but I’m a giver, not a taker so it’s very hard for me to accept anything from anyone.  This teaches me humility and to let go of pride.

The ultimate lesson here is that as long as I feel uncomfortable, I know that I’m allowing God to speak to me, to change me, and to make me more like Him.  As much as I dislike the uncomfortable, I know that if it goes away I’m missing something. I’m missing that hunger for Him and the hunger for me to be more like Him.

Today I challenge you big time!  I challenge you to say “Father God, make me uncomfortable!  Show me who I am now and who you want me to be.  Make me more like you.  Create in me a clean heart. Change me. I thank you and I rejoice in your faithfulness in not giving up on me. I worship you for all that you are. In Jesus name, Amen”


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