He is With Me

Sunday we went to church. We missed all of February due to karate and family adventures with other family. It was a very busy month. So, Sunday we finally made it.

I’m not sure that the message was truly amazing or even that the Praise & Worship was the best I’ve ever heard. We love our new Pastor and Worship Leader and they love the Lord, that’s evident.  Both were great as usual but, I think what made this service so good was this; we were reunited with the one who loves us.

It’s so easy to get busy and not realize that something is missing. From the first song Sunday I felt a peace I didn’t have before I walked in. I felt the presence of Jesus. It was inviting, calming to the soul, and soothing to my Spirit. I was in a place with no destraction. No one running around me being loud.  No one talking louder than the drummer can drum. No one calling my name wanting anything from me… Except for Jesus. I was able to lift my hands and just worship.  I was able to express my love for Him and not think about my 5 mile long to do list.

As I was just worshipping my creator, I was reminded of one beautiful truth.  He is constant.  He is ever-present. He is with me always and forever.  Wherever I am, He is there also.

I needed this reminder.

It was my God & friend wrapping His arms around me. It wasn’t in the Words to any song in particular. It wasn’t in anything anyone said. It was through worship that this reminder came.

We have had such a busy February visitng family in 2 different directions, a 6th birthday celebration, a karate competition, family moving, family photos, work… life & loss, joy & tears along.  So many changes all within 30 days including a death in the family just last night.

But one thing remains.

Just like He is with me, He is with you!  He knows. He knows the good, the bad and the mistakes.  He knows your grieving heart, your pain, your failures, your wins and yet, He still remains.  He remains faithful.  He remains truth.  He remains love.  He remains evident. He has conquered death. He is just. He forgives. He wraps His arms around us with comfort.  He never leaves us… He remains.  He is the only one who we can always trust, always put our hope in, and always know that He is faithful in all things.

When everything around us is changing… He remains!

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