Who Do You Represent?

This post is likely to ruffle feathers if I have any readers left. It’s been a while since I’ve written anything, I know. So, get ready and enjoy 😉

Today I posted a pic in honor of all my breastfeeding friends (pic below).  After I posted this, a voice from my past popped quickly into my head. “Be careful what you post on FB, you represent our church”, the voice said.

Here’s the thing… Drumroll please… I don’t represent a church. I don’t represent a company. I don’t represent man. I represent Jesus!


If that offends you, you may want to re-read scripture.

I serve God, not man! Serving God and not man seems to be a fine line these days but we have to stay constant and stay close to the Lord and remember who we serve, who lives in us, and gave us the very breath we breathe. Yes! Absolutely, we are supposed to do our jobs with diligence and care about others and their feelings but, you know what? When I serve Jesus and represent HIM, I do those things. No need to “represent” a person or an entity.

When I represent Christ, my mouth and hands are clean, my heart is pure, and my actions are good. I live by the conviction of The Holy Spirit, not the condemnation of man. I’m faithful because He is. My ministry is done with joy and with a broken heart and with every fiber of love coming out of my entire body and spirit that possibly can.  Ministry is accomplished with passion, vision, and a love so deep it can’t be explained.

When I “represent the church” ministry becomes a job and a bigger and bigger and bigger to do list.  Life becomes work.  It becomes fake.  It becomes pleasing someone who doesn’t love me unconditionally and who wouldn’t care if I were gone… as soon as they were able to fill every position I once held.  When ministry becomes a job and creates a fake me, my heart isn’t in it and there is no joy. I can’t poor out of me what’s not in me!  I said “I can’t poor out of me what’s not in me!”

Let’s stop representing other people and represent Christ! Let’s be the best we can be for Him. Let’s stop trying to get the plank out of our neighbor’s eye while we can’t see past the log in our own. Let’s give with love. Let’s minister with joy and with a broken heart. Let’s put the time clock away and realize that what may not be good enough for man, is so delightful to the Lord!  I am delightful to the Lord.  He delights in me!  How exciting is that?!!!  HE and only He sees my heart and the heart is where it’s at.

I know for certainty that when we begin to live like this, real, people will WANT to come to “our” church… any church!  So, who do you represent? What is in your heart? Are you being who God called you to be or who man wants you to be?


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