Being a Mom

Being a mom is truly one of the most selfless, exhausting, and wonderful things a woman can do… Trust me!

While driving through traffic on a normal Monday in the near by college town, my stress level began to rise. My son was just plain annoying me… Just being honest. Besides him just being a boy and me just being a mom, he pours almost his entire bottle of orange poweraid in my car!… My car now smells fruity… sort of… and is very wet and sticky.  I’m hot one minute, but the a/c seems to be too cold to counteract the Fl sunshine on a February day. We stop at our first errand and as usually my daughter is moving slower than a snail b/c… Well… I can’t explain that one. Anyway… It’s a normal exhausting Monday filled with school then allergy shots, ballet, karate, ballet, gym, karate, grocery store, then home to make dinner and hopefully but very rarely get everybody to bed on time.  In the midst of the normal chaos, there is a point where our five year old daughter locks herself in a bathroom stall and begins yelling and crying that she can’t hold it she’s about to pee on her skirt.  I’m yelling back, “what are you talking about… the toilet is in there with you” “unlock the door”.  She’s repeating herself “I can’t hold it, I CAN’T HOLD IT… I JUST PEED ON MY SKIRT!!!!”  (breathe… because I couldn’t at this point).  Saving you some time, she finally opened the door and after she calmed down a tiny bit she explained that she couldn’t sit on the toilet because the seat wasn’t covered with toilet paper.  Selah. (Selah is in the Bible and means to pause and meditate on that) 🙂

We finally get home.

Thank you Jesus for my wonderful husband who grilled chicken and even got the pot hot and steamy for me so I could just throw the veggies in when I got home.  Dinner was ready.  Dinner was delicious and a beautiful time spent together as a family as we were serenaded with a 45 minute long melt down over eating veggies with a surprise ending to the show.  A very excited 5 year old shouts “mommy!  I ate my veggies!”.  Then she snuggled up to her very stinky sweaty mommy who had not had time to shower yet and fell asleep around 9:00.  Our son did the same around 9:30.

This is how I ended my day…


What I discovered today was that being a mom meant the following:
I’m always late.
My car smells like farts.
My car smells like drive through food at least once a week but thankfully not tonight.
Now my car smells like oranges too.
I sometimes forget to eat.
My hair always ends up in a ponytail.
Grocery shopping is a chore and doesn’t get done as much as needed.
My laundry never gets caught up. In fact, when it is “caught up” everyone comes home and takes off their clothes to shower and then there’s a new load waiting for me.
My sink is never empty.
Something is always being spilled.
Something is always forgotten.
We lose things.
Someone is almost always yelling.
We are loud people.

In realizing all these things I also realized these things:
Our house is never boring.
We have plenty to do.
We have plenty.
Our hearts are full.
These days are leaving forever one at a time.
I will never be without snuggle time.
I’ll always have a mess to clean up whether that mess belongs to my kids or my husband or myself.

We are constantly learning from each other and teaching one another these things:
Second chances
Consideration for others
Joy in little things
Making memories
All we need is Jesus

Friends with little children are very special! They too live like we do. They don’t get upset when we’re late because they’re generally arriving about the same time or later or earlier depending on nap times, lost shoes, puke, potty breaks, hungry tummies and screaming family members 😉

Today I encourage you to chill out! Be messy but not Stinky. Be late if it means you showing up and me getting to see you even if you are covered in “something” and your hair is a mess and you forgot your make up… Cause girl… Me too! Don’t put me on hold to clean your house… Mine is messy too. Enjoy being a mom because soon they won’t need us as much or as often as they do now and if you’re like me that comment just made you tear up a little which means you’re in the right spot and you’re doing a great job! Show yourself some grace! Go take a nap and then get back to it and don’t forget to snuggle!

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