What Do You Meditate On?

What do you meditate on? What is running through your mind over and over again everyday or even every waking moment? That thing is what steals your time, your peace, and can ultimately steal you life. Time will pass by so quickly and you’ll realize… “I’ve given all my attention to the death of a family member” or “I’ve given all my attention to the divorce my parents went through when I was little”. “I’ve given all my thoughts and time to worrying about the future. Now I’m in the future and I’ve missed my past!”. It is so easy to let sinful thoughts, or thoughts of regret, worry, unforgiveness, etc… Take control of our thoughts. When that happens, they take control of our time, our actions and reactions, and we loose our lives! We find ourselves being held captive by these endless movies in our minds, which is right where the devil wants us! He wants us to be chained up so much that we can’t function on our own, our families fall apart, and we live a miserable life. What do you meditate on? Good news is, it’s not too late to take control and feed that crazy brain of yours the Word of God!… Day and night! -Rachel



Be Careful What You Think

If you are going to win the battle of the mind and defeat your enemy, where you focus your attention is crucial. The more you meditate on God’s Word, the stronger you’ll become and the more easily you’ll win the victories.

Too many Christians don’t realize the difference between meditating on the Bible and reading the Bible. They like to think that whenever they read God’s Word, they’re absorbing the deep things of God. Those who meditate on God’s Word are those who think–and think seriously–about what they’re reading.

They may not put it in these words, but they are saying, “God, speak to me. Teach me. As I ponder Your Word, reveal its depth to me.”

In today’s scripture I quoted from Psalm 1. This psalm begins by defining the person who is blessed, and then points out the right actions of that person. The psalmist wrote that those who meditate–and do it day and night–are like productive trees…and everything they do shall prosper.

The psalmist made it quite clear that meditating on God’s Word brings results. As you ponder who God is and what He’s saying to you, you’ll grow. It’s really that simple. If you read about and allow your mind to focus on God’s love and power, that’s what operates in you.

Be careful what you think about. The more you think about good things, the better your life will seem. The more you think about Jesus Christ and the principles He taught, the more you become like Jesus and the stronger you grow. And as you grow, you win the battle for your mind.

Pray: Lord God, help me to think about the things that honor You. Fill my life with a hunger for more of You and Your Word so that in everything I may prosper. I ask this through Jesus Christ. Amen.

From the book Battlefield of the Mind Devotional by Joyce Meyer. Copyright Β© 2005 by Joyce Meyer. Published by FaithWords. All rights reserved.


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