What’s Your Choice?

What will you choose… Daily? In our world today, the media is completely out of control! They are more powerful than any government entity. We take what they say as the truth. We take their fashion advice, their beauty tips, and beg for more weight loss tips from people who may or may not have even gone to college for journalism or weather! Most of them are just TV personalities who were at the right audition at the right time. We have also learned to watch the news and we want to know who has died and what has crashed and who blew up whom today. We want to know which starlet was caught doing something scandaless, and what famous couple is getting married or divorced.

We listen to the world’s liberal ways of thinking. At first we get angry, then we “see their point”, then we hear them tell us to accept sin because each person is an individual and we shouldn’t make them feel bad for what they do… Then, we become like them! We accept it and we begin to tell people “it’s ok”… “You are who you are”.

I personally don’t sugar coat things. But, I do love people! Unfortunately, the world has convinced everyone that if we hate a sin, we hate people who commit the sin. It just ain’t so! I can hate sin. I can choose not to live certain life styles. I can choose to be faithful to my husband. I can choose not to steel. I can choose not to go to bed with another woman. I can choose not to be a stripper or sell crack. I can choose light and life! So can you! So can they!

Jesus loves US! But he hates SIN! That’s why he came to Earth and died a brutal death. It wasn’t for fun! It certainly was not so that you can keep sinning for fun! It was not in vain! He came to die so that we MAY have eternal life! that word “may” is all up to you!

His mercy endures forever. What that means is that his mercy is available to every single man woman and child in the entire world at any point. It’s up to you which life you’ll choose.

Again, he’s not a magic wand and you don’t automatically get into Heaven just because you were born. You can’t serve two masters! The bible is very clear about that. Over and over again, the Bible is very clear about that.

So, what will you choose? Will you choose life in Christ? Will you choose to have a mind of Christ? Remember, sin starts with a thought process… And yes!, you absolutely do have control over your thoughts. Again, fill your mind with the Word of God and you’ll think the Word of God! -Rachel

“I Can’t Help It!”

When God begins to deal with us about wrong behavior, it’s easy enough to say, “I can’t help it,” but it takes real courage and faith to say, “I’m ready to take responsibility and get my life straightened out.”

Much of our thinking is habitual. If we regularly think about God and good things, godly thoughts become natural. Thousands of thoughts flow through our minds every day. We may feel we have no control, but we do. Although we don’t have to use any effort to think wrong thoughts, we have to use much effort to think good thoughts. As we begin to make changes, we will have to fight a battle.

Our mind is the battlefield, and Satan’s primary way of initiating his evil plan for us is through our thoughts. If we feel we have no power over our thoughts, Satan will entrap and defeat us. Instead, we can determine to think in godly ways.

God has given us the power to decide–to choose right thinking over wrong. But once we make that choice, we must continue to choose right thoughts. It’s not a once-and-for-all decision, but it does get easier. The more we fill our lives with reading the Bible, prayer, praise, and fellowship with other believers, the easier it is for us to continue choosing right thoughts.

It takes time to learn to choose good and push away evil. It won’t be easy, but we’re moving in the right direction every time we take responsibility and make the right choices.

Pray: Powerful God, remind me that I can and do make choices every day. Please help me to monitor my thoughts, choosing only those that will help me overcome the devil and win the battle for my mind. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

From the book Battlefield of the Mind Devotional by Joyce Meyer. Copyright © 2005 by Joyce Meyer. Published by FaithWords. All rights reserved.

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