Ok, I hear you God!! ;)

Isn’t He amazing!! I know you have experienced a time in your life when you were worried about something, down on yourself, questioning your own motives or your own relationships. Maybe you’ve experienced a time of deep confusion, self doubt, or a time that others truly attacked you. During these times you may or may not have asked God for a “sign”, a word, or SOMETHING!!!!

Lately, I have been beating myself up a bit. It seems I always have something to say. God has been working on me about when to keep silent. But, even when I am to speak I worry people think “she’s a know it all”. I worry my words create condemnation rather than a soulful thoughtfulness in which the person would look deep into their lives and allow God to search their hearts. I worry I come off judgmental when that is never my intention.

I am very real and open on this blog. I have confessed so many times about my own battles and how God is showing me and changing me. I encourage you to live a Godly wholesome and pure life, holy and acceptable to the Lord. I encourage you to forgive yourselves and let the past go and to lend a helping hand even if those needy hands aren’t here on American soil. But, still I feel unworthy to be writing these things.

I am human. I have said many, many times on here that I am only human! Nobody is right on all the time! No preacher, teacher, blogger, worshipper, or sheep of Christ is 100% accurate during their life time, in word, action, attitude, or gestures. But, still every now and then you’ll run across someone who makes remarks like “I read your blog and I am trying to talk to you as a real Christian would because that’s what you claim to be”… Comments like these coming from another self proclaimed Christian. Comments that come just at the right time, when the devil is already beating you up. It’s comments like these that make me snap out of it and realize exactly what’s going on. I instantly see the obviousness of the devil’s plan… To kill, steal, and destroy. And then God…

Right on time, God gives me scripture and then to affirm His Word to me, a few different people will say the same thing without knowing they are a vessel for Christ. Without me saying anything to anyone, God is allowed and able to show himself once again!

Today’s message; you don’t need permission from man to be all God has called you to be! You don’t need permission from people to speak the Word of God or a word of encouragement. You don’t need permission from people to do what God has called you to do.

Acts 4:13 New International Version
13 When they saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus.

I’m ordinary and unschooled, but I have been with Jesus! How about you? Will you allow people who don’t know your heart alter your right path? Will you allow God to bust down those walls of protection you’ve built around yourself that actually contain your gifts from going forth?

You know that saying “shake what ya mama gave ya”? Well… Use what ya Father gave ya, no matter who, what, where, or when! Serve God, not man and don’t feed into the devil’s lies! Be courageous!! ❤

5 thoughts on “Ok, I hear you God!! ;)

  1. “I read your blog and I am trying to talk to you as a real Christian would because that’s what you claim to be”…!!!! Yikes! That would shake me up….Glad He sent you affirmations after something like that.


      1. some times I think I’m coming in on a conversation between you and maybe God ,don’t know because I also have most conversations with myself an a bible,less and less of superfical veiws, even my own..What caught my eye was all the titles of your blogs and saw in themselves[with a few verbs] a real neat following, I really like wisdom in silience,and thought yes ,wisdom is silence by listening.being still and know, echos So glad affirmations come from His word.Trusting in His promises,as He is my faithfulness. Keep on Keeping on


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