Conviction or Condemnation?

Conviction is that “uh-oh, I shouldn’t have done that/looked at that/said that/thought that/listened to that/ touched that (-all 5 senses) and I need to repent right now” feeling. This is some times followed by guilt, a bad attitude, or remorse because let’s face it, it’s hard for us to forgive ourselves. Then after we’ve said “I’m sorry Lord” 15 times, we calm down and truly repent which means to say we’re sorry, meaning it, and then turn away from that wrong thing and stop doing it. We then move on. Depending on who you are and what you battle with this peace and sinless living could last anywhere from 30 seconds to a few months. 🙂

Condemnation comes not from an inner “feeling”meaning the Holy Spirit that is quick to correct. But, it comes from personal shame, regret, or other people. It is a feeling of anguish and an endless thought process that torments you. It is not gentle and it’s not prompt. It comes when it wants to hoping to devour your peace! It is the devil in disguise. It is usually not over something that just happened, but it’s over something that happened a while ago in the past. It’s always over something that you’ve already asked for forgiveness about. You’ve already repented and thus you are forgiven!

Part of living in the fullness and the freedom of Christ is learning the difference between condemnation and conviction from the Holy Spirit. Even if you are a “seasoned” Christian, knowing the scriptures you can fall into this sea of regretfulness. But, as you grow in Christ and spend time with Him and grow your relationship with Him, He can deliver you from guilt and shame from your past… Every part of it!

Today’s nugget: His grace is sufficient, He loves you!! If you have turned from your sin It’s forever behind you! Don’t look back! Praise God!

2 thoughts on “Conviction or Condemnation?

  1. Yours is the very first post I read this morning. I think my eyeballs popped out the further I read. You described me to a T. I am the worst critic with myself. I ask God over and over to forgive me for hurting another soul even by accident. I think that I should be smarter, more compassionate etc etc. I just don’t know how to quit and accept I am alright


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