Living by conviction

In my last post I took you through a prayer and one line of it asked the Lord to “forgive me of my sins, those I know I’ve done and those I don’t know I’ve done”. So the question becomes, “How do I know what sins I’m committing or when I’m committing them if I don’t know they are sins?”. The answer to this question is simple. Begin to live by the conviction of the Holy Spirit.

When we ask the Lord to help us live by the conviction of the Holy Spirit we can’t go down a wrong path, not without knowing it anyway. This is a huge step toward that vulnerability I was talking about and all that changing I was talking about.

Living by the conviction of the Holy Spirit is giving Him permission to be all up in our business 24/7. As invasive as this sounds, I have some very simple ways to determine how to judge between right and wrong if you’re having a hard time doing so, even if it’s in just one area of your life.

Ask yourself these questions:
1. Is this relationship pleasing to the Lord?
2. Would Jesus want to watch me do this?
3. Would Jesus walk into this place with me or better yet, could I follow Him in here?
4. Would the Lord see this as Holy and acceptable?
5. Could I sit at the feet of Jesus and say these things to Him?

Wow! Every single day we make decisions that offer a big fat NO to each of those questions. But… But, what if we begin to turn our eyes on Jesus? What would happen then? What if we fixed our hearts on Him?

Would we treat people differently? Would we turn the computer off? Would we show more consideration? Would we lend a helping hand? Would we love better and fight less? Would we not go somewhere? Would we end an ungodly relationship? Would we not buy that magazine or book?

The answer is YES! Taking the step to fully allow yourself to live by the conviction of the Holy Spirit is eye opening, heart melting, and life changing and it’s good!

I don’t know about you, but all I want is for God to look at me like he looked at the light when he separated it from the darkness and the seas when he separated them from the land. I want Him to feel about me how He felt when He created those things, He saw that it was good. I want Him to see that I am good. I want to be found pleasing to Him. I want to be called “Good and Faithful Servant”!

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