If it’s “ok” for Christians to sin since Jesus died on the cross, then why do we need accountability? If sin is now “ok” for us then why do we even teach our children “right” from “wrong”? Why should there be any consequence for any actions at all?

I have been in 4 different conversations the last week or so with probably 8 different people total directly involved in these conversations and they have all revolved around “once saved always save”, which I will address some other time (I’ll leave you wandering how I feel about that) and whether it’s ok to live a purposely sinful life as a Christian.

So the main question today is this; Did Jesus die to forgive us of our sins and expect us to “go and sin no more” or did Jesus die so that we could sin and be forgiven? Is this the same thing worded differently? I don’t believe so.

I can list scripture after scripture where Jesus and the apostles all say to leave your sinful nature behind, but I will stick with the parable Jesus told about the 2 sons tonight because this happened to be the story that I read to the children during their bedtime devotion.

One son demanded his inheritance early, so the father gathered up the inheritance and split it between his 2 sons. One son stayed and took care of his share and remained faithful. The other son, left his father, spent all he had and couldn’t find food. Having no way to take care of himself, he retuned home to his father in hopes to get a job working for him as his slave. His father seeing him coming from afar told his slaves to get a banquet together because his son had returned home. He met his son who had a repentive heart and his father forgave him and threw the party. The party was not for the sin he had committed, but for the return of the son who now had left his sinful nature behind.

Was there any communication between the father and son while the son was in sin? No! What did the father say when the son returned home? “My son was dead, but now he is alive!”

The son was on a path of destruction. He wasn’t on both paths. He wasn’t “straddling the fence”. He wasn’t lukewarm. He wasn’t hot. He was dead. He was cold.

I believe God gives a period of grace to those who have not had a relationship with him and are new to Christianity. We all grow in different ways at different rates of speed. I believe even if someone has lead a sinful life their whole life, but came back home to their Father on their death bed, God honors that! I believe God meets a person where they are when they are ready for him just like the father ran and met his son in this parable. But, I do not believe that habitual, purposeful sin for someone who claims to be a christ follower is “ok” with God. I believe it is irreverent and shows a lack of respect for the Lord and all He has done for us. I see it as hammering the nails in a few more times or spitting in his face.

We make mistakes daily, but if we do not have a repentive heart and do our best to change, we will never grow. We will never grow spiritually, we will never grow as parents, as friends, as mates, or as church leaders.

We are in a day and age that Jesus could return at any moment. The time is now for each one of us to judge ourselves! Be honest with yourself about your relationship with Christ, your attitude towards life, the way you treat your loved ones, your work ethic, how freely you give, how much you want, and how much and how often you “work” for Christ. Does your life permeate the very essence of God’s love and grace or does it stink like rotten devil? Who are you living for? Are you living for you or for Jesus? If you call yourself a Christ follower, your goal should be to allow God to shine through you. You should really follow Him, not your fleshly desires.

Remember, people are watching you. You are an influence to your children, your friends, your co-workers, and even your spouse. You represent the King of Kings. Please represent Him well! Be faithful to a God who is faithful to you!

3 thoughts on “Accountability

  1. Oh, please dear sister don’t let “feelings” of guilt rob you of one moment of Gods grace and mercy…..these fears[that we don’t do our best] are not of Gods love or plan ,lean on his perfect love.Yes, scripture tell us[who are believers] we are not of this world,our citizenship is in heaven..Phil 3:20 and Jesus said the kingdom of God is within you,Luke 17:21.Trust that God sees exactly what you need and your mate,those doors do not happen without some or all of the spirits doing.God knows all, feels all,and does not give us more then we can handle.Sometimes we believe the repeating lies in our head, that we act out on, that we can;t take this pain, ,weakness, or even heart break,When God said his strength is made perfect in weakness.He’ll use what we call weak to be of a strength not only to ourselves but to others.So are we calling God a liar,when we fail[test of weaknesses,]that would be a denial or sin unto death or just a learning, repented and another strenghting lesson.Sometimes “good” hearted followers of Christ have rules that place different things as “SIN” which James will teach us whats not unto death.If I want to be part of the busy incrowd Iwill go to a mega church and get busy or lost in many light giving programs,or I could go back to the church[the only right one] which we were letter shunned from and stay under an ever Watching eye of judgement.I care if you love the lord,believe in His son, that He died to save you from sin[“s”?],that you believe he was raised from the dead and now is pleading for the children that Love the Father.Paul said Be ye followers of Christ,and obey the comands, not the right name church or free will church,or the creeds, membership, and world churches.Please see the joy in the soon return and He will guide you thur His word blessings L G


  2. I personally believe that Jesus forgives me for my sins as long as I follow him and ask for forgiveness. I do not believe this entitles me to go back and sin the same sin over and over. God gave us a brain, we are to use it. It is a mockery to the heavens to pretend we can repeat our mistakes over and over.
    I would like to ask you to help me if you can. Can you show me where to go to find scriptures to help me understand why Al is suffering from his Parkinson’s. Also why am I still continuing to carry the guilt of placing him. I know deep in my heart he needed more help than what I could give, but yet I am a CNA for many years and had to place him


    1. Thank you Terry! I agree completely. I will pray about a scripture for you. I believe in my heart you did the right thing. You love him. You know that, Al really does know that, and God certainly knows that. You need rest! You are still caring for him, but now you are also able to spend more time with the Lord and have some peace time too! Praying for you!!! I will get back with you on scripture. 🙂 hugs!!


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