Awe!… Patience.





Still waiting.
Still waiting.
Praying harder.
Still waiting…..

I have to tell you the old saying that goes “be careful what you pray for, you just might get it” and the other one that says “don’t pray for patience unless you’re ready to really be tried” really urk me!

1. If God sees fit to answer a prayer exactly as I have prayed it, then Praise God!! I heard from Him, I trusted Him, he trusts me with it, He saw fit to bless me and it! It will strengthen my faith and the faith of those around me!

2. If I pray for patience, I must already need it which means I’m already impatient and anything is liable to set me off either way. So, if I pray for patience I’m not praying for God to send annoying things my way because they’re already there. I am praying for Him to help me better myself in those situations. I really don’t believe He’s a practical joker trying to make my life miserable. I do however believe that He honors the prayers of the righteous, especially when we are trying to change and better ourselves to better represent Him!

Having said all that, Clay and I have been praying and believing God for something for about three years now and I am a but tired of being patient! LOL. Have you ever felt that way? I’m thinking, “God, I feel like I have really actually been patient with this certain situation… Now do something!” (Just being honest)

It is so easy to feel this way sometimes, but I remind myself daily, that I truly want His will to be done and not my own. I truly want to be pleasing to Him and be blessed as He sees fit in ways He wants to and I truly want our lives to be a light to others especially in trying, impatient, frustrating, or even heartbreaking times. I don’t want to only be a light when everything is going the way I have planned it to go.

Again, as Jesus prayed in the garden just before His death and as I have quoted before “Thy will be done, not mine”!

2 thoughts on “Patience

  1. search me, oh lord ,and know my impatience heart.I pray in all the right ways Lord telling you my desires.I even have an agreeing partner[you know lord where two or more agree],hey lord it is 3 years and I’m waiting for the door to open[you said ask],or course you trust me to ask for things that I cannot do[wisdom] so you can prove yourself to me[mal 3].So now what oh “patience heart” what can i figer out Did I ask amiss,or my timings not right, or what dear Lord ,I’m your daughter and I live in american and [to be honest] want my way now,I cry, my heart hurts,stamp, stamp,And HIS answer to ME is “let your fingers do the walking ,in MY word.


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