Fasting and Prayer

To fast only is to starve yourself! That’s it. But, to fast and use those meal times to read your Bible and earnestly pray and seek the face of God is life changing!

I have posted in the past that I was having a hard time consistently reading the Word. This was never a problem for me before. Even as a teenager it didn’t matter what time I went to bed, I read the Word before I slept! But, after loosing hope that there were more than about 10 faithful Christians left on Earth, something just changed for me. I lost sight that even if we are the only ones, God himself is with us! Though I would feel His presence and know Him still, it seemed that every scripture I read reminded me of past sermons that were perhaps twisted to mean something different (not in every case), and it made me not want to read them anymore… Sad!

I am pleased to tell you that through fasting and prayer just one day, I have truly had a breakthrough! I have started writing the book that I’ve been planning to write and I’m doing it with clarity. I am also reading my Word daily and have that same longing to do so that I used to have! I am able to allow the scripture to speak to me in my life where I am today and read in truth and purity.

If you haven’t fasted with prayer in a while I strongly urge you to do so. I had no reason really. It was a decision our home group made a few weeks ago and it was simply meant to be a sacrificial offering to the Lord. Through this, I received a breakthrough on something I’ve wanted for a long time.

Be selfless! Be sacrificial! Be in prayer!

Have a blessed weekend!

One thought on “Fasting and Prayer

  1. Take one step, one page, one thought, seperate, then blend, paper is good,bloging is singular, to a listening ear over coffee or juice a heart full of shared love.Its hard don’t give up ,don’t expect anything from within that you have not had a chance live,if only ,one thing never put a word down before the need of family.Praying for ya ,and this too is good blessings linda


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