Question of the day

A co worker of a reader asked “why are we all here?” What evidence is in us that shows the power of God? Where is the power of the Holy Spirit?

Let me just say, I am just a Christ follower. I am absolutely not an expert on scripture and I am growing and learning more about God’s love everyday and more about His wants for us every time I pick up my Bible or hear a sermon. But, I’ll do my best here 🙂

Genesis says we are made in the image of God. We were made simply for his pleasure. Before Adam and Eve decided to be disobedient, the Garden was a perfect place, close to the perfection of Heaven. The difference was that satan was/ is free to roam the earth and tempt God’s perfect human creation and human’s were given a free will to choose between God and sin. The humans failed the test miserably and thus was born to man, sin.

Evidence of God and all His greatness can be found in every single thing around you. Plants that give us oxygen, the intricate way each cell forms a tissue that forms an organ and produces life, the tallest mountains, the largest trees, the deepest oceans, the power and force behind weather, and the rain when we need it. None of these things are just happy accidents! Everything works together. The bees and flowers, the fish in water… Enough for us to drink and water all the trees and plants and provide a home for the fish. The perfect distance between Earth and the sun, and the list goes on! Amazing!!!!!!

The power of the Holy Spirit still exists. My hubby and I were talking about a profit who gave a prophecy that was right on, but we don’t agree with all he says when he’s preaching. What gives? Well, we are all human! You can be as close to God as you possibly can and may get revelation and power that a lot of people don’t have but you’re not 100% correct all the time because you’re human. You also aren’t better than anybody else. The gifts of the Spirit laid out in Corinthians does not say that any is better than the other. We must all work together to make the body of Christ work properly therefore we are all needed and all just as important as the other.

God healing people still happens, mended marriages still happen, and conception in those who couldn’t still happens. Unfortunately, we as Americans tend to turn to modern day medicine and money to meet our needs rather than giving God a chance. Yes, medicine is ok! Yes, money is ok! But, when keeping and holding on to money becomes more important than buying a pair of shoes for a needy child or food for a starving family, there’s a problem. When your time gets wrapped up in electronics, movies, boating, hunting, fishing, shopping, talking on the phone, or even exercising and you can’t take time to make a meal for a sick friend or a new mommy or to look at your family members in the eyes while talking to them instead of your phone, then there’s a problem.

If you can’t make time for others that’s a good indication you’re not making time for God. When you don’t make time for Him, you begin to not be able to hear His voice anymore. In doing this, you have hushed the Holy Spirit!

When a Christian falls into sin and refuses to leave that pleasure, they begin to not hear the Holy Spirit anymore. When a Christian decides to be disobedient over and over again, they lose that voice. Did God leave? Did the Holy Spirit leave? Never! You left!

Great news! He stands by waiting on you to get some perspective and get your priorities straight. His grace is sufficient. All you have to do is ask for forgiveness and turn from your sin and disobedience. That’s it! Start spending time with The Lord and you will quickly find the Holy Spirit and hear that sweet voice again!

Don’t look to man. Remember, we all make mistakes and sometimes even mislead people. Some aren’t working under the power of the Holy Spirit even though they say they are. This is where judging by their fruit comes in. If the fruit is rotten, run away! 🙂 the evidence of a faithful Christian can easily be seen or not. You can watch someone’s behavior and listen to what comes out of their mouth and quickly be able to decide if they are evidence that God is still working today or not. But remember, you serving God is simply between you and God. Someone else’s short comings should have nothing to do with your personal relationship with our creator. You are only held accountable for you!

I hope this helps. If I’ve missed anything please let me know. I hope this is a blessing to those who need to hear it!

3 thoughts on “Question of the day

  1. Thankyou for such a speedy an thought inspiring comment, This journey is an exciting time,and when we look to our Father and line ourselves to His Son,it can sometimes hit the smallness in this world and yet the “even me” that He has whispered to,can leave us not so centered on self.TY blessings LG


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