Christmas Madness, Christmas Sadness

I wanted to write this a few days ago, but like many of you I have been consumed with the hustle and bustle of shopping, candy making, cookie baking, gift wrapping, etc…

This is my most favorite time of year! I LOVE Christmas! I love the lights, the family time and the warmth of our fireplace (some years… It is Florida after all). I LOVE giving! I love giving all the time, but it’s especially fun at Christmas time for some reason. I LOVE baking and crafts and making hand made gifts and even receiving hand made gifts should anyone decide to give them. I am not one who cares for lots of hodge podge gifts to unwrap that have no meaning. I’m not one for expensive gifts or showy stuff just to say I have this or I have that. I love gifts that have meaning and value in the way of memories or sincerity.

This time of year brings family and friends together. Some times it’s great and some times… Well, not so much. Some times it brings pure sadness. Sadness not for lack of things but sadness because there is little love, relationships gone wrong, lost loved ones, or just no one to celebrate with. We either put up a facade acting as if we really don’t even care about these people or things or we fall into a deep depression and remain sad.

I heard something the other night on the Christian radio station during a focus on the family talk show segment. It actually had to do with a newly and very quickly married family situation where some of the children were not accepting of these two parents getting married and they wouldn’t attend the Christmas gathering. There was a lost parent and the mourning process was still very real and very fresh! Despite my thoughts on this situation I was able to hear something the new wife said that was great and so perfect even for you and me no matter our individual circumstances! She said, as she muddled through Christmas their first year married she had to begin to make herself be thankful for who was there rather than being sad for who wasn’t there. She said she had to realize that she was focussing on the negatives and she had to try her hardest change her course. She said even now (and I’m not sure how many years it has been for them) there are still some that can’t accept the marriage and don’t show up to family gatherings. Even to this day, she is disheartened by the situation and prays God will work it all out and continues to ask for peace and joy.

The summary to this wise little nugget is simple. First, even if you don’t receive anything this Christmas, give something! Give of your time or recourses. Reach out of your regular exciting Christmas, your mundane I don’t care attitude, or your loneliness, whichever it may be and give to someone in need and to someone you love. It will always make you feel great, loved, needed, and will fill you with joy!

Secondly, this Christmas and going into this new year, look at those around you. Take mental photos of all that’s around you and make some awesome memories! Remember those who aren’t there, but cherish those who are. Don’t dwell on circumstances and losses that you in your own power can’t do anything to change what the outcome has been. Love, laugh, take lots of pictures and enjoy every moment… Even if you find yourself without “family” serving food at a soup kitchen or calling someone you miss.

Have a blessed, safe, and very Merry Christmas!

3 thoughts on “Christmas Madness, Christmas Sadness

      1. I enter a plea of forgiven guilty sin in some of these same areas and in fact represent almost every pro or con of this season in others.I could be the “Left Behind” santa,and hold back ragin’ tears of unbelief, and a loneliness and yes, a full and compasionned heart of blessings and knowledge.Talk about fence sway.And then their is one, in a”wife” or mother role that I turn away,for a sake of pure kindness,whose ways kills, maimes my soul ,who in others who have lost there’s,would love to have those days back.I think it is akin to divorce ,or a living death,where you give all that you have and it will never be enough,enough said,.So, what this season does at least untill the new year, is to let us suffer at the foot of the cross,and then start anew,a worldly concept, worldly ,and kind,for most and blessing for those who yearly have a reminder of what they are protected from. Love when you sprout forth .Blessings to the family of those who love the coming and soon return of Jesus LG


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