Running from the devil

It dawned on me this past year or so that I have wasted so much of my life living in fear and binding up the devil.

Somebody’s rude to you and it’s the devil trying to ruin your day. You go outside and have a flat tire and it’s the devil trying to make you late for work. The electricity gets cut off and it’s the devil… I guess he stopped you from paying your bill. Your husband makes a decision you don’t like and it’s the devil blocking him from hearing the Lord who always sides with you because you always hear from him making you always right. 🙂

Yes, the devil is seeking to and fro looking for those he can devour but seriously! There are a lot of people to go through and I’m pretty sure that if my relationship with God is tight and right I’m not going to get devoured! Stay close to Jesus and you’re safe!

Yes, you may end up with a flat tire before the end of your time on Earth, it happens. Tires aren’t omnipotent. Your spouse will not always side with you, in fact he or she feels the same way you do… They hear from God too so they’re always right 🙂 . There will be a day you come down with a cold or the flu or maybe worse and there may be a day that you break a foot or slice the tip of your finger off. You may have problems with allergies or have to wear glasses. We are humans. We are not deity and our bodies came from dust and will return there. We fall apart! It’s part of life. Life happens.

Is God our healer? Absolutely! Is He our provider? Absolutely! But, our ways are not His. Just because we think things should be a certain way does not mean He thinks so. He also has promised to supply us with what we need, but beyond that, there are no promises. He is faithful to do what He said, not what you want all the time. His will is always greater and better than ours!

I can tell you this; since I have realized all of this I no longer live in constant fear. I do not fear the devil is constantly after me and hovering over me! I do not waste my time binding him up and talking to him telling him how evil is. It’s a waste of my time and I think he likes hearing how evil he is. I stay focused on God’s greatness and his beauty and His faithfulness! I pray His will be done because I truly want Him to have His way in our lives rather than me have my way in His story. I live in peace more than ever! God will prevail and I’m in His hands so I’m already an overcomer!! It’s a done deal!

The problem with always believing the devil is after you and binding him up all the time… It creates fear which is a lack of faith… Faith in knowing that God is stronger! Faith in knowing God is greater! Faith in knowing God is able! Faith in knowing that God will protect you, love you, forgive you, watch you while you sleep and listen to the whispers your heart makes everyday.

I have changed my focus. Rather than focusing on how bad the devil is, I focus on how unbelievably, incredibly awesome and mighty our great God IS!

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