Problems with “blessed life”

How do you measure your success? How do you measure being blessed? The problem with the “living a blessed life” message is that people usually define being “blessed” as having money, a big house, nice expensive vehicle, big diamond ring, etc… You know, all those things that help you “keep up with the Jones’s”. This is what makes them successful.

The Lord wants you to be blessed and I feel the spirit of Lord saying if you give me 5,000.00 you’ll be debt free by the end of the year… Really?? I have a word for you and you need to come to my meeting so I can tell you what it is… Really??

Here’s the problem: you can never be “good enough” to get everything people promise you God will give you! They’ll even tell you when it doesn’t happen that you don’t have enough faith, you missed the Lord somewhere, you need to anoint your house and drive the demons away from your checkbook. When in reality, what you need to do is stop giving your money away as people prompt you to. What you need to do it cut down on your cell phone bill, stop getting your nails done every week an quit trying to buy nothing but coach bags and Vera Wang dresses! You need to use wisdom!

Giving should be a sacrifice from you to the Lord first of all. Secondly, you need to realize that there are people who simply need food and clothes. They care who made them or where those items come from. They’re hungry and naked and sick and widowed and left with nobody to care of them. Some people need you to take time away from shopping and take them to lunch, listen to them and give them a hug!

The problem is: living that kind of “blessed” life is really living without the true heart of God and it’s living selfishly!

Is it ok to have nice things… Sure it is. Just like its ok to have a drink if you’re not an alcoholic. It’s ok to watch movies as long as they are clean because your eyes are the windows to your soul. It’s ok to eat sweets if it’s every now and then. It’s ok to have nice things if you have a heart that takes a portion of that money and gives it back to help others… If you’re expecting God to bless you. If you want God to “bless” you or rain money down from the sky so you can look like a movie star you’re heart isn’t right.

Try this: instead of asking God for money and wealth so you can get the new iphone5, ask God to bless you with some money so you can buy some jackets and take them down town to the homeless people. While you’re at it ask him for some bibles so you can hand those out to. Don’t worry about your nail polish getting chipped, you can get the paint fixed at next week’s appointment. 🙂

Be careful what you’re asking God for… Actually, just be careful of your motives. Check your heart and really be honest with yourself and with Him. He knows you better than you know yourself anyway!

Lastly, be careful about those “promptings from the Lord” by someone who will gain what you’re giving. What is their fruit? How are they using that money? Are they asking for $20.00 to go towards a mission trip or to feed the children, or are they telling you the Lord said to give a couple thousand dollars and you’ll be blessed all while that money won’t be going anywhere but to pay their travel expenses so they can go to the next place and do the same thing to someone else? Give to someone in need… That’s when God will bless you! Live a faithful life for Him… That’s when He will bless you!

Have a blessed week!!

4 thoughts on “Problems with “blessed life”

  1. amen sister,give and it will be given. I’ll go to the and put money on a widows bill or bless money to a need that someone has, and pray pray pray,or show someone how to make landry soap ,That is one of the reasons I love to work,this all belongs to the father,I just like to “seed” it out. I believe if you have a gift in pratical ways it is to be given,not charged for [lifeskills] profit.If we are Christ’s we serve,an to the brethern first. blessingsLg


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