Part 2… On another note

So this is part 2 of people who can be so harsh, mean, nosey, etc…

The last year or so a very good friend has taught me a really very good lesson and probably without even knowing it… Although, after this he will know it! 🙂

I have suffered from depression on and off since my mom died 16 years ago. The worst times were when I planned my wedding because I had to do it without her, when I gave birth to our first child I had terrible post pardom, and when we left our former church because I was severely let down by people I put on a pedistool for years. And yet for some reason I couldn’t understand people who lived with mental health issues.

The former church I went to for so long taught us that those issues were from the devil and so was anti-depression medication. To this day I have never taken anything for depression because of that. I’m doing well now, but I can tell you that it would have helped me so much in those really bad times!

I believe it was Paul who said he lived with a thorn in his side. I used to read that and could not understand why that passage was even in the Bible. Being word of Faith (non)… Very denominational, you’re supposed to live in constant joy and bind up the devil because he’s constantly after you and live in peace without fear because even though the devil is always after you, you have Jesus 🙂 so… Why in Heaven’s name would Paul still have a thorn in his side, something he had to deal with and live with forever? Why would David continue to make terrible mistakes like adultery and murder yet be favored and lifted up by God making him the lineage of the family of Jesus? Why do some people suffer from constant illness, physical or mental?

The problem: people, especially in America don’t take time for each other! They take… We take… Time to make money and get on FB and read books and watch movies. There is very little compassion and human contact anymore. We judge people and think “I had a baby and carried him to work with me the next day, why can’t that new mother do it all by herself”? “I got through my depression without meds, why can’t that person just get over it?” “so what he lost his father, if his father is in Heaven there’s nothing to be sad about and if he’s in hell there’s nothing anybody can do about it now!”. All these mean opinions all while you hated having to go straight to work after having your baby, getting through depression seems impossible every time you have a the symptoms, and you still mourn the death of someone in your own life. Where is love? Where is compassion? Where is understanding?

The solution: be more like Jesus! Show compassion. You’re walking in your own shoes right now and always will. You’ll never know what it’s like for the other person! You don’t know what they’re going through and you certainly don’t know what’s in their heart, not like God knows!

Misconceptions: people who are sick or have problems are no use to society.

The truth: God knows how many hairs are on their head and he cares for them as much as he cares for you!

The answer to the misconception: one good thing that sick or needy family, friends, and strangers can teach us is to be more like Jesus. See them through his eyes. Make time for them. Show them compassion. Ask God for wisdom and understanding. Pray diligently for relief and peace and healing for them. Make time for humans!!!

Life is short, spend your time wisely.

By the way, even though my special friend suffers severely, he has his own ministry on FB where he encourages others who are dealing with grief and mental health problems. He is pressing on as much as he can and he is an inspiration! 🙂 – dedicated to M

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