Just me thinking again…

People can be so harsh! So judgmental! So hateful! Angry, nosey, mean…

Part 1- (part 2 tomorrow)
Today my precious 3 year old showed her you know what at Bradley’s belt test. I had to take her into the bathroom 2 times! The first… Yep! A little smack on her jean padded fanny. The second… Just sitting there waiting for her to stop crying… About 10 minutes. One of the ladies there felt she had to spy on me I guess. She popped her head in the bathroom 2 times! I thought, “lady, I have grown this child, nursed her, wiped her behind, kissed her boo boos, wiped away her tears, cuddled with her and laughed and played with her for 3 1/2 years… Let me discipline her now or you’re going to have a terrible rotten grown adult helping run the world one day… Go away!”.

What came out of my mouth: 🙂 “I don’t need you watching me!”. “thank you”!!

So, I guess when a child is uncontrollably crying and throwing a fit in public it just MUST be an abusive parent… NOT SO!! Usually abused children don’t act normal because they’ve been beat down their whole lives and they’re used to it. Which is sad and horrible!!!!

What’s wrong?? Well, if people would spank more, or discipline their children in some sort of healthy manner more, we would have a much happier healthier America! Instead, we have parents and “nosey neighbors” who insist the child should always get whatever they want to keep them happy, after all we don’t want them to ever be upset!

The result: a group of grown ups who quit jobs or don’t work at all because they can’t have the schedule they want. That job just doesn’t work around their video gaming schedule or their spending mommy and daddy’s money schedule or their sleep schedule. Others live off food stamps for life instead of using that wonderful assistant program for what’s its intended to be used for all while spending what cash they are able to bum off everyone else who does work, to get their alcohol, cigs, and drugs!

Final thought… MOM AND DAD… It starts with YOU!!! Crazy people who don’t believe in disciplining in love… You are fools for punishment and… Thanks alot! Now the rest of us in society have to live with, I mean deal with it!

Our parenting values: We intend to do our very best to bring love and help to society through giving not receiving and through raising our children in the way they should go hoping they really do go that way, knowing in the end we’ve done all we can do and have tried our very best! We do not Intend to allow our children to rule the world now, as they are still in training!

That’s my rant for the day. By the way, I took Emma to the truck and drove her around and she was asleep within 5 minutes! Just sleepy! 🙂

9 thoughts on “Just me thinking again…

      1. Amen,but please don’t in” the result” type a personhood with basic survivile of hard time,although not far from what I or we project in MY daily living I’m not so far from the retrobate you describe.,love the “mom and dad” and agree Parenting is not taken as serious as time past,and once we enter “statehood beliefs” publicschool},we as parents are pitted hard to hang on to Godly principle and for the spying eyes let them be trained in what they see,I had a thrasher of a temper girl and I would hold her still after a swat and thought I was going to jail from a do gooder..Life is so sweet ,time so dear waiting for the next installment


      2. LG… I meant no disrespect at all!!! Please don’t take it that way. That’s why I said they are using the system in a way it is not intended to be used! I know you are a wonderful person and would never mistreat it! The system was meant to help families in Need!!… Not families in want who are capable of work! You are a blessing and I never want to hurt you!!


  1. I am reminded of he time my first born watched a cartoon on tv where the child pulled away from his parents. There was no consequence in the cartoon so my toddler son thought he would try the same in Sam’s Club. Well, me being the godly father and disciplinarian got down on one knee, took my names sake and provided him a couple whacks against his bottom. That child is now the most respectful college sophomore you ever want to meet.
    My point is that the parent that does not discipline his child in ever way does not love his child in any way.



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