I am a Christian!

I’m not sure the origin of this article/poem but I wish I had written it! I get tired of hearing remarks about Christians who act as if they are holier than thou. Believe me… I know they exist. There are also fake “Christians” and crazy ones too! No doubt about it! But, I like to think of myself, and hope others see me as this kind…


Which category do you fit into?

We can’t honestly believe we are better than anybody else just because we “have Jesus in our hearts”. Don’t forget who you were before that sacred moment happened when you allowed Him to change your heart.

When such people think they are better than others they are saying they hear God when others don’t, they’re prayers get answered when others don’t, their faith is stronger than the faith of others. God has called THEM to do something great in life but there are no promises for those dirty, some times stinky sinners or homeless people or drug attics, etc…

I don’t know about you, but I won’t have much to do with anybody like that! Don’t you believe God heals sinners to? Maybe that healing is the very miracle that brings them to believe in Christ.

Don’t you believe God speaks to sinners to? Maybe that “something” that told them to pull into that parking lot and attend a Sunday morning church service for “some reason” was the voice of the very same God we serve!

If God met you where you were, He will certainly meet anybody else where they are. He is able!

3 thoughts on “I am a Christian!

    1. Today is a very special day and a new moon for a special girl,Wishing and praying that God will continue to bless you,not only on your B day but every day.I see you thru the eyes of a mother,and what I see is a happy strong and beautiful woman that is stepping up to the grace that God gives blessings LG


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