Road kill

Wow! What a busy weekend I had! It was busy, and trying, and I came down with a terrible cold to top it off. The joy: I was able to celebrate my cousins new baby who will be here in 2 short months, my brother finally sold his mobile restaurant, my sister started a new job, and my dad won the election his was in! My family is in good health (minus the yucky cold), we are drawing closer to the Lord with every new day, and there is so much love in our family it excites me everyday!

So, what does this all have to do with road kill you ask. Well, I was driving down to my cousins baby shower and saw road kill in the road and thought “what a nice way to start my morning”!
At that point, it hit me like the vehicle hit that animal! Sometimes in life, we are going to find “road kill” in the road! Heck, sometimes we may even be the road kill in the road. Some days it seems that everything goes wrong from the minute I wake up to the minute I go to sleep. Some nights, I don’t get much sleep and I have to figure out how to function through home school, work, karate and making meals throughout the day. Some days start out pretty good… Then BAM!!! You get hit with terrible, tragic, shocking, or sad news. You may get hit with unbelievable news that you thought was true but you actually, for once, hoped you were wrong. You may find yourself worrying about someone’s safe travels, good health, protection, decisions, or lack of love or needed things. you may even get attacked through an email, a message, the phone, or publicly on FB or another site on the Internet. But, never the less you still have to keep going!

So, then I thought, “ok, yes! I’ve started my day off with road kill, now how am I going to end my day?”.

We always have a choice as to how we will deal with things that happen in life. Just because we have Christ does not mean we will be without hardships, sadness, or pain. Having Christ means that in the hardships, sadness, and pain that are absolutely inevitable, we can have the peace and assurance that our God knows no curve balls! He is never surprised by anything. Jeremiah tells us He knew us before we were formed in our mothers womb! He knows everything before it happens! He knows us!

Is it easy to find joy when everything is wonderful and the ride is smooth, but it’s not always easy in the midst of mess, confusion, hurt, and worry. In fact, for some of us, it is never easy! It just seems to never be easy! It seems there is no other way! It seems that when sin has a hold of us there’s no way out. It seems that when people think of us as being something terrible, or unattractive, or a bother, we can’t let go of that. We accept it and hold on to it for dear life when in fact, that’s not who God has called us to be and we aren’t truly living at all. We accept our circumstances believing things are unchangable.

So, what it all boils down to is this: are you going to be the person you are called to be no matter what? Are you going to live a life filled with conviction from the Holy Spirit or are you going to tell him to be quiet in your life? Are you going to allow God to fill your voids or are you going to search everywhere else trying to find something that gives you joy without ever running to Jesus… After all, sin, and everything else for that matter can do a better job than God can… Right? All those other things offer fun, sedation, a leave of a sense from reality, a bubble of “you can do what you want cause Jesus loves you”, etc…

What are you going to do with your road kill? Are you going to stop the ride, get out and woller in it like a dog? Are you going to run through it and start to smell like it, get some stuck on the bottom of your shoes and little flung on our pants? Or Are you going to hold your nose and run around it as fast as you can leaving it far behind?

Life never goes as we plan it to! But when we have Jesus… A meaningful loving relationship with Jesus, we can some how get by those bumps in the road with peace and assurance that He never gets surprised! He knows long before we do what life has to offer and He loves us unconditionally. His forgiveness is for anybody who wants it and His heart is big enough for every single person in the whole wide world! His peace and comfort offer wisdom in the midst of mess!

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