I Marvel at His Handy Work!

Have you ever sat down and thought of all the things that lead you were you are today? I love to think about the good and the bad and all the steps and turns that have brought me where I am in life today. It amazed me!

I never want to find myself stuck or stagnant ever again!

After leaving that former establishment I’m not aloud to discuss, we moved to our new establishment which lead me on 2 mission trips and lead me to meet the worship leader at our church. Our worship leader told me about the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI), which lead me to Nashville. This ultimately lead me to meet lots of cool people in the industry which circled back around to a girl who lived in Gainesville who was the Gainesville chapter coordinator for the NSAI.

When I met her over the phone she informed me she was moving and needed someone to take over her chapter. After about 2 weeks and some prayer time, she felt I was the one to take on this task. We talked about praise and worship and music and the NSAI… But we never talked about the fact that we both went to the same church! It was through our worship leader that we found this out! How funny is that! So, all of that has lead me to be the new Gainesville Chapter Coordinator for the NSAI!!

The nugget for today: even in the midst of something emotionally draining, trying, and dark in my life, God was able to lift us up and put us right where we need to be! He is amazing!!! He always knows best! He created you and me and everything on this Earth and everybody on the Earth and everything in space and time and His plan is AWESOME!!!

Today I encourage you to trust Him!!
Have a blessed safe weekend!

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