Enjoying life

Fluffy dogs, white deer, lots of garlic, good music, a long shower after a great workout, TCBY yogurt, the pitter patter of little feet, giggles, the first cool crisp breeze after a long hot summer, Fall, and meeting new people at significant places that I will probably never see again, but will never forget… These are a few of my favorite things.

Some days are completely and utterly busy, too busy to remember what I was doing or why I took a left turn at the stop sign. Some days are so loud like the one I posted about the other day when the movie was on and both kids were talking to me at the same time and the phone was ringing and my brain was trying to think. (insert brief intermission)… There are days that come out unforeseen or days that completely ruin your routine but are unavoidable like jury duty days, or 2 year old accident days, or fender bender days, or your boss changing things up a bit days.

During these days, during some small moment in the day it’s so nice just to sit and close your eyes and listen to all the sounds around you and take a deep breath and thank God for all these busy blessings.

Life may be a little boring without that 2 year old accident. Life may become predictable without a little change up every now and then. Life would be quiet… Too quiet without those little feet running through the house or a wine and cry every now and then or a teen blasting their radio. Maybe God kept you from a worse accident when you got into the small little fender bender that kept you sitting in that spot for an extra 30 minutes.

Daily, I try to remember to stop what I’m doing and remember to enjoy life. I try to recognize when I’m not in a good mood and cheer up some. I try to recognize when I need to remember that life on Earth is fleeting and that I should hold dear the things that are truly worth living for.

Today, I encourage you to seize every moment no matter how big or small. Remember you can make a difference in someone’s life and remember that joy can be found in the little things.

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