Monday Friday Tuesday oh my!

Today. Has. Been. Like. A. Monday. For. Me.!! πŸ™‚ at one point both of my precious babies were talking to me at the same time while a movie was playing and I was on the phone in the office trying to get work done on the computer and think about all I had to do today!… Say that 5 times fast!

Now I’m sitting on my couch without the cushion cover (3 yr old accident last night) and I’m blogging about my week.

This week has been a little strange! A holiday on a Monday ( Woo hoo), blogging everyday again, getting told the devil won in my life (LOL!!!!!… Don’t think so!), winning an ipad2 (yippy skippy), band practice for the second time in a year and a 1/2 (yay!!!) and today filled with lots of busy work! In the mix there was a short but sweet visit with a very special friend and her perfect little miracle, a text from that same friend at the absolute perfect time, another friend blessing me with a scripture that I needed right when I needed it, and of course lots of kisses and “I love you’s” from my hubby and babies!

What I learned this week… I have been reminded to let go of things that only God can control. Life… Is up to Him! He’s bigger than big and nothing surprises Him and you know what?… He. Can. Handle. It. All.!! πŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Monday Friday Tuesday oh my!

  1. Did moses have a victory song before or after the the red sea?Is not this the song for us to know? I see only victory? did winning the Ipad2 have something to do with the devil “winning” in your life or is it bloging,it use to be bare legs and Tv and owning a caddie.I see only joy and with kisses and hug to back ya up.Blessings on the sabbath lg


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