Light Switch Connection

Ok. I am no electrician, but I know some things are connected. I also know that some things aren’t connected!

First off, is forgiveness something that happens instantly? Is it a choice you make… That some times you have to make daily? Can old feelings be stirred up even after you’ve forgiven? Are you allowed to talk about what happened and share how God has changed your heart through everything? Is forgiveness connected to hurt? Is forgiveness forgetting?

This is what I believe to be true. I believe in different circumstances forgiveness may be harder to get to than in other circumstances. I do not believe however, that the hurt goes away instantly. I think some days are better than others. I think forgetting the details comes with time just as the healing of the pain comes with time. I also don’t think that the person who hurt you or any other person for that matter, has the ability or right to tell you when you should be done grieving the loss of a relationship or when you should be finished hurting.

God knows each person inside and out. He knows because He created each and everyone of us from the inside out. He loves each of us, He hurts when we hurt because His love for us is undying, tender, understanding, embracing, and gentle. His love for us is also forgiving!

God created emotions in us. He made us to feel, to love, hurt, laugh, cry, frustration, joy, and yes… Even feel anger. All of these things are natural and no clock can be the monitor. No person can be the monitor either. If you read the new testament you will see that Jesus felt every emotion… Even anger.

If you are dealing with unforgiveness
or the “aftermath” effects of things gone wrong and the emotions that come and go still, please take things one day at a time. I could encourage you to give it to God, but you already know to do that and that is much easier said than done. I will encourage you to ask God to bless those who curse you as the scripture says to do and to create in you a clean heart. Everything else will fall into place in do time. Remember, even after forgiveness, healing isn’t magic. Wounds don’t heal instantaneously! Have a blessed day!

2 thoughts on “Light Switch Connection

  1. gut, hit it on the head, we do not live by the sea of forgetfullness,that might wash drift back to shore,but by the deepest ocean of the Grace of God.He who will never backwash, will keep ah moment why do we then rehash,guilt? nay,if left at the feet of the father,learning? maybe some of me[us] need direction of the out comes to help refresh,sad as it is I’m wish I could border on the manic side of christain reality,when the joybells of the first love stroke was as stronge.But to know in whom I believe and have been persuaded[the word] that KEEPS me untill the day of his soon return.Healing is continual,an scars fade unless……. keep on keeping on blessings on this day that the lord has given lg


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