Jesus & Max

Yes! You’re right… There’s no Max in the Bible ๐Ÿ™‚

I want to talk to you today about being humble!

One thing that impresses me the most about our pastor (insert Max) is that he believes he is just a man who studies the Word and helps a group of people grow and give and love other people! He is not one of those who has to be waited on. He doesn’t have an assistant brushing lint of his back or fixing his tie or carrying his Bible. He doesn’t expect people to fall all over him and beg him for work to do so they can “serve their pastor”!

My favorite thing he has said about himself is this, “if Jesus can just be Jesus then Max can just be Max!”. He doesn’t like titles though of course, everyone ignores this and still calls him Pastor Max. Jokingly he’ll say “if you want to get technical, If we were going by actual titles and achievements you could call me (insert a long list including doctor, reverend, evangelist, humanitarian, etc…) but that would be too long!” ๐Ÿ™‚

Did you know that though his way of thinking would catch a stuffy pants person off guard, he’s so right in this! First of all Jesus had almost nothing! He really did just answer to Jesus… And still does. He was born in a manger and road on a donkey and his crown was made of thorns! Why on earth do pastors feel they are owed something I’ll never understand.

Is it ok to bless them? ABSOLUTELY!! Most of the time they truly pour out their hearts and give way too much of their time to council and visit and pray with you, etc… There is nothing wrong with wanting and following through with the act of honoring someone and blessing them for all they do! There is however, a problem when they begin to expect it.

The truth is if we all could grasp hold of what we are called to do, again the Great commission, we wouldn’t even consider the notion of someone patting us on the back or carrying our Bible for us. Jesus said “Go into all the world and preach the gospel”! Who was he talking to?… YOU!!! And ME!! if we are humble and do what we are called to do then we are simply being obedient… We shouldn’t need a chariot of horses to reward us for that!

So, since we all have the same calling on us, to go be fishers of men… Let’s all do that! Let’s all work together and forget those titles that most of us have given to ourselves!

Above all else, don’t get wrapped up in serving your pastor or anybody else for that matter! Serve God! Feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and take care of widows and orphans. Anybody who needs to be waited on obviously really doesn’t need to be waited on! Stay humble!

2 thoughts on “Jesus & Max

  1. In a sense we all need “waited upon”‘,we are geared to be, that is why Jesus had to go and the Spirit sent, as walking in the spirit we call our “missions”[tax break] serving,when this is, what is our reasonable service.Remember if we deduct taxes,give rank with thanks banquets ,flowers of appreication, trophy of praise etc,we have gotten{paid},with the clap of hands we have our earthly reward.Now where is all this, when we say we bring a sacirfice of praise. Is He looking down to a people seeking evil [thur praise,”in jesus name”},with a double coupon system,[on earth as it is in heaven],I don’t think this is what the Holy Spirit searches for in the temple of man blessing lg


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