Sunday Love

Have you ever stopped somewhere on the way to church and thought to yourself “everybody knows I’m a Christian because it’s Sunday morning and I’m all dressed up. I need to be extra nice and smile at everyone… Maybe even lend a dime or open a door for someone.”. Have you noticed this about anyone else? Have you noticed that woman who is meaner than a junk yard dog on most days is all about showing love on Sundays? Have you noticed that grouchy old man who complains about everything all the time is suddenly dressed in Sunday’s best staying quiet most of the day but actually cracking a smile when he greets the pastor?


These scenarios are kind of funny when you picture them in your mind… But they are terrible!

Here’s a little backwards story for you. I noticed when I worked as a waitress in college and reluctantly had to work a Sunday shift every now and then that the Christians were the worst tippers!! They probably tipped better than that all week long so what’s the difference on Sundays? The only thing I can think is they threw that $5.00 tip in the offering plate leaving the waitress with barely anything and believing God would be satisfied with that “sacrifice”.


Can we just be like Jesus? Can we who call ourselves Christ followers, just act like Him?… All the time! Don’t get me wrong. Please. I am not perfect and I know this but, don’t pretend not to know what I’m talking about.

The redemption and mercy God gives is to those who repent of their sins and try their hardest to live without sin, to love Him, and to tell people about Him. There is no special formula. There is not a Sunday ritual. Going to church will not save you! Only God can save you and you can find Him anywhere because He is everywhere!… “Call on His name and you will be saved!”. It’s that simple!! You can call on His name riding down the street on a bicycle or even sitting in your living on the couch.

No matter how you come to know Jesus, you must be ready to live a Godly life no matter where you are or who you are around especially if you have been a “Christian” for any length of time. Even a new believer understands this! Stop being fake! Be who you are called to be! You have within you the ability to change lives. What will you do with that?

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