Testimony OR Past?

Have you ever noticed that your audience matters? The most important thing you can do with your past is to turn it into your ministry. I’ve said that in several blog posts! By making this happen you are taking your past, or tests, and turning them into a testimony! In fact, that’s what this blog is all about! But, the audience matters.

If you are sharing your testimony with people who were involved in some way they tend to feel that you are bashing them and demand you stop. To people who have no idea what happened in detail and don’t know who anybody is, they are touched by your story and encouraged. Your story encourages them to move on and make better decisions, grow closer to God, get in the Word, live as Jesus would want us to as true disciples, and to not be influenced by other peoples’ opinions, etc…

To be effective you have to know your audience… Most of the time. In a church, around the water cooler, at family functions, or in the middle of a mall, you should definitely know your audience. Unfortunately, with a blog such as… Well… We’ll say, this one… Its the other way around. The audience gets to know the blog. They get to choose whether they stay and read or decide to leave. If they stay and read and choose to be upset, yet come back to read more and still continue to get upset, it is their own fault. It’s like running in circles chasing your tail… It doesn’t do anybody any good and gets you no where! Yet, if you choose to read and it blesses you and hopefully it does, you will leave feeling blessed, happy, in a mood of thoughtfulness, and determined to live a new day in a new way for Jesus!

If you are someone who often has an audience and it is one you have some control over, meaning you have control over what you say to whom, and those wonderful people are in the least bit influenced by what you say, know them. Know what the Word says about them. Give your testimony to people who will benefit from it, but not people who helped cause it. Your testimony should be one that changes a persons life for the good and encourages them to learn from your tragedies or mistakes.

On the other side, if you are choosing to read this blog, or watch the nightly news, stay on FB, spy on FB, or use any other form of media or news broadcasting and it makes you angry, or fearful please stop it! Use wisdom in all you do! Don’t bash the writer, just simply stop reading/watching. Remember, not everything is about how you feel and what you want. Sometimes it’s possible… Just sometimes, that what upsets you speaks to someone else and helps them along life’s journey. And some times, it’s all about blessing others and how they feel.

Choose to live in the peace of Christ! Choose to walk in love in all you do and say! Use wisdom and walk in kindness no matter what! Choose to walk away sometimes. Lastly, turn your upside downs right side up… Make lemonade, share your testimony to people who want and need to hear it and receive it… That’s who Jesus spoke to!… He left the cities that wanted nothing to do with Him! He totally knew His audience!

5 thoughts on “Testimony OR Past?

  1. This has been a enjoyable blog, I love the way you accept the role of editor, what most want is agreement,difference is not bashing,it is no more then share what is read in a different light, realm, another voice to complement,terry is right inspiring, but I don’t want silence to compared to running. Why do we write anyway,because we don’t have a bounced back reply from a human source[speaking for only myself],on paper it gives people time to form a thought. smile lady you are beautiful Lg


      1. blog or lash or replied all responses to thought ,good thoughts a real sweetness to the soul when we are pointed to the Word,this is what makes us so pure in His eyes not that we have the same depth to His words,but that we respond to those obeidences,in the way He ask. We are a witness to one another.
        Keep on keeping on


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