Just Reading Your Bible?

I thought this little nugget was well worth passing along! This was another great thing I heard our pastor say today and it just hit me the right way!

Many people read the Bible simply to have information so they can fight or “discuss” it with others. Some people only read the Word because they have to preach on Sunday or they have to “say a little something” at an event they have to open up with prayer. Some people read the Bible simply so they can say “I read my Bible everyday, do you” an my personal favorites are those who read the Bible trying to find things it that don’t “add up” for “research” or hysterical purposes. 🙂

The way to grow in God is to reflect on the Word! This means you may just read 1 scripture, or you may read a full story but either way, you take time to allow this 1 scripture or whole story to change you. You say “Lord, am I who you want me to be?”. “Lord, am I as faithful as Ruth”, “am I as courageous as Esther”, “am I as devoted as one of the 12 disciples”, “am I living according to the wisdom in Proverbs”, etc…

When we simply have “quiet time”… Aka nap time we don’t grow. When we simply read the bible for ammunition, we run people off! When we simply read the bible and lay it down until tomorrow, we’ve gained nothing.

I encourage you to read the Word and then reflect on it all day! Put it into practice. Ask the Lord to do in you what He wants to do and most importantly, as you are reflecting on the Word all day long ask God to make you who He wants you to be… Everything will fall into place when that happens!

Have a blessed week!!

6 thoughts on “Just Reading Your Bible?

  1. I am re-reading the Chronological Bible right now. Instead of following a strict plan, I read until it’s “time to stop.” Sometimes that’s chapters and sometimes a few verses. Sometimes I have to stop & really think about that verse I just read. It’s a very rich time.


  2. What a great reminder! It’s so easy to allow quiet time to turn into just a “fufillment or obligation” – I love how you wrote that it can be one verse or one whole story. Too often I feel I should read more – mostly for the sake of reading more. One verse can be more life changing than reading a whole book at a time. Great post – thanks!


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