Compare Your Success??

I had the great privilege of attending a national convention less than two weeks ago for a company that I am an independent consultant for.  (More on that tomorrow).  At first I thought “‘I’m not going!”… “this is a fun thing to do rather than a life necessity thing”, “I can’t leave my hubby with the kids AGAIN this year”, “I haven’t really done much in sales lately”, “I’m not high up on the totem pole so this isn’t for me”, etc…  That was me processing all of my valid excuses.  🙂  Thank God for my husband!  He said “we’ve already paid for more than 1/2 the trip… you’re going!”.  So, I rolled out of here at the last possible moment missing 9/10 of the first general session but still getting there in time to see this wonderful company donate $40,000.00 split between 2 charities and to get my free amenity for that meeting time. 

After all that, I was to be in classes for about 5 hours!  It was an exhausting day, but every single meeting I was in had awesome valuable information concerning growing my business as a whole.  But, my absolute favorite advice came at the last general session on my last day there and this is what my whole blog is about today…

“Don’t ever compare yourself to others!  You will either feel inferior or superior and both will hurt your business”

I’m going to take that a step forward and say that both will hurt relationships, your ministry, your family, your friendships, etc… You can find yourself alone and lonely and lonely is no fun!

God made us all in His image!  Which means none of us are better or below any other.  When we get a hold of this fact, our whole lives will change!  We will have more confidence knowing that we are able to do anything anybody else is able to do.  I know!… I wish I would have heard this… or received this years ago!

With this information we can set goals and achieve them!  We can say “if so and so can do that, so can I”, we can lay aside fears of rejection, we can go for that job we’ve always wanted, we can go back to school, we can become parents, we can ask someone out on a date, we can go for that promotion we’ve been wanting, we can let go of the past… we can become all we are called to be!  We can live with success!  We can share Jesus with others without being afraid what they will say to us or call us.  We can know that we are good enough… for anything… for everything… We can live our lives in a way that would show people we don’t think we are better than them and they are like us and we love them and so does Jesus!  We can become better leaders and ultimately change the world!

So, today I encourage you to NOT compare your successes or failures with anybody else ever in the past, present, or future!  Be who you are called to be!  Do what you are called to do!  Love like you are called to love!  Serve like you are called to serve!  Dream with no boundaries or limits and remember, “Don’t compare yourself to others because you will either feel inferior or superior and both will hurt your business”!

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