Marraige Values

Alright… this is a converstaion I had with a friend of mine on FB about the whole marraige thing.  Feel free to Chime in…


DR: See, I think it takes a lot of courage (though I don’t agree with it) for someone to stand up and say “this is what I support” when, really, they support something that’s outlined in The Bible. (though like I said, a company that does 4 billion in revenue isn’t family-owned anymore, it’s not a mom & pop joint). But, these people ADVOCATING people dying in a movie theater? THAT’S SICK SHIT

    •  I agree!!  So, let me ask you this… why are so “pro” gay marraige?  What made you decide that this is something not only to agree with, but also support?
      DR:  (1) I don’t know much about the Bible b/c I haven’t read it cover-to-cover, but I particularly like “Judge Not, lets ye be judged first” I take that one literally.
    •  absolutely.  I wrote on that one day… I’ll send you the blog title, so I don’t have to type all that again 🙂
  • DR: (2) Marriage in the current American system is a civil union that offers more than just a day in Church.
    •  You get tax breaks and other benefits by being married.
    • States have even invoked the “common law marriage” rules to people who have lived together forever but are NOT legally wed.

    •  Well, if the law is willing to give my girlfriend 1/2 my stuff if we live together 14 years but aren’t married, then why shouldn’t the law give it to my boyfriend?
    •  I think I’d be less supportive if all marriage was, was something that happened in a Church, if it was an ACTUAL RELIGIOUS event.
    •  But, I can get married by a Justice of the Peace in a courtroom in Bronson. That IS NOT RELIGIOUS, so to say that marriage should be looked upon based on what a book of religion advocates, well, that doesn’t make much sense to me
    •  You have valid points.  I think both homos and heteros have completely ruined the sanctity of marriage!  Is divorce OK… divorce 8 or 10 times?  I don’t think God is pleased with any of it.  I don’t know what the answer is!  I agree that we should not force our bliefs on others!  In fact, I believe if we would love others as Christ loves us in the midst of our sins, we wouldn’t have all these issues.  I think more people would come to Christ if we just shared his love and allowed Him to convict them of their sins as He has done for us!  I wish it were that way.  I have to stand up for traditional marriage b/c it’s not that way!  Everything has gotten way out of hand, so I am forced to pick a side and I pick the one that says marriage is between a man and a woman because that is what I am living!  I don’t cheat on my husband and he doesn’t cheat on me… we uphold what marriage is all about!  So me, the person that I am, not perfect, but also not hypocritical have to stand up for what I am living and what I am convicted by.  That’s why I have to stand my ground!
      To my readers: Clay and I have made a concious decision NOT to FORCE Jesus on our own children.  We go to church, we read our devotional with the children every night, we pray with them, I sing worship music and write worship music all the time, but we are allowing them to see Jesus for themselves.  To know him for themselves.   Growing up, I saw way too much of that forceful agenda especially on preachers kids and I saw the way they reacted… it was the COMPLETE opposite of what the parents wanted.  God gave every single person on this earth a free will and we want our children to CHOOSE to love Jesus… Just as Jesus wants them to CHOOSE to love him!  We can make them do this or that all day long, but you will never know what is actually in their heart.  The same goes for the world.  Again, God gave every single person a free will.  Don’t you think he wants them to serve him because they want to?! 
      In our way of parenting, Bradley received Jesus in his heart about a month ago at night during our devotional time.  He said he wanted Jesus in his heart.  We prayed and then he said he wanted to be baptised!  He has been taking the new beleivers classes at our church and will be baptised this Sunday!  He has chosen to love and serve Jesus on his own and we could not be more proud of him.  He wants to go to church… he says “I wish Sunday would get here already”! 
      Maybe if we would not be so pushy with the world and maybe if we would just show love and show them who Jesus is and allow them to choose on their own, we wouldn’t have all this media attention and we wouldn’t have all the fighting.  Instead, we might just have more people coming to know Jesus because they like us Christians and want to know what we’re all about.  Maybe if we just give the word and allow God to work in their hearts, we would have more peace.  We may be able to put laws into place, but we can’t make people serve the Lord!  As long as they don’t have Jesus in their heart, they won’t ever understand why their “sins” really are sins.

2 thoughts on “Marraige Values

  1. The only marriage God reconizious is what He states………….All else is not,not even what we think,or want to twist to be under one nation”undergod”.Of all the points of interest,points of view,I find these topics a draw away from the real topic,Jesus died giving His heart,life so I can live etermally with the Father,God says what is sin and He see’ s not those who have not the blood covering of His Son…… Good book The Bible blessings plainlycovered


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