So, in my old age (haha), I have found that know matter who you are or what you do in life, everyone is looking for acceptance. With acceptance comes love.

I have been at a conference since Thursday full of woman. As I looked around and searched the room I saw nothing but smiles from grown up teenagers! It has been like a slumber party up in this place!

This got me thinking back to my childhood slumber party days. There was always someone who felt left out, someone who “took over” making decisions for everyone, there was always a well rounded leader who genuinely cared about everyone, and there were lots of followers!

As grown up “teenagers”, we all still fall into one of those categories! We also still feel inadequate sometimes or superior sometimes. We all still look for acceptance and love!

I am on a mission right now… I want to put the past behind me completely and begin to reach out to people truly putting their needs before mine. I want to know how they feel. I want to know if what I’m saying hurts them and if so, why. I want to know if my life is a light to them and if not, why.

My goal is to simply show love more than I ever have before. Will you join me? Will you pledge to begin to compliment people more? Will you pledge to give someone a hug this week? Will you pledge to smile at someone and just simply be more understanding of what you don’t know they are going through?

I believe this is a movement we all can jump on board with! Will you?

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