How can you be a light to other people when you are so isolated within your church you don’t have many, if any friends outside your church?

I was sitting there today watching one of Bradley’s teammates fight in karate. He and his family are Muslims. The daughter in this family was born on the same day Bradley was, same hospital, same year! They were in the nursery together and didn’t actually meet each other until we joined karate. We love this family! Of course we hope one day they’ll receive the fact that Jesus was more than a profit… He’s our savior!! But nonetheless, until that day comes we will still be friends and we won’t treat them any differently.

I was thinking today, If we were still at our former church, I would not have become friends with the mother and I would have warned Bradley to stay away from Muslims. We were taught there to “be careful”… These people are full of the devil and they will cause us to stray.

Again I ask the question… Who is greater? He that is within me, or he that’s in the world? Our faith in God is strong! We know who we are in Christ! No one will cause me to stray from my God! In fact, if a person strays, it’s a decision they’ve made, not the decision of others! You can’t blame other people for your own discrepancies!

Also, Muslims are not full of the devil! They just need to be shown why we believe Jesus is the son of God! They believe in God and they believe in the old testament, but they believe that Jesus was simply a profit, not the son of God.

Again, how could I possibly be a light if I’m scared to death they will lead me astray and I don’t make friends with them?

We were so isolated at the former church! We still have friends from there and we still love everybody from there!!! The problem was that those wonderful people were our only friends! This isn’t right!

If you have isolated yourself… Step outside your tiny little box! There is a great big world out there with lots of wonderful people who need to be loved, not scared and judged and preached at! Make a new friend!

8 thoughts on “Isolation

  1. most of the time we just grow to a new level of isolation,we adapt. WE are still the same but when we leave of our own need or are” Holy Ghost” pushed out this is the same value really, we just got handed the pair of shoes that were to tight for us to walk in ,we have become like those to whom we handed the tight shoes. The Paint Can — I went to the hardware store, I wanted a certain brand ,color of paint.everything stated on the label was what I wanted, even the density. when I opened the can I saw something totally different,different to what I was taught, what I was familiar with ,and it did match the same code number. But with the master brush dipped in and application made, it was a match. The outside of my can may be muslim,or pentacostal or SDA, LDS,It might not scream jesus when open but might scream Love, Holy Spirit, the Way, The Truth,The light,But you see I too think, I need to see Jesus screamin out,but when the master brush tested the product and it became a match.I become quiet. blessings plainlycovered


      1. i have regained my composure today. the last few days were not good for me, but thank god they have passed. thank you for your kind comment. hope you had a great weekend


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