Who’s Accountable??

I’ve always believed that whoever you donate to, give your tithes and offerings to, etc… Those people are accountable for how they take care of your gifts.

I use to tell my hubby all the time, “they are held accountable for whatever they do with the money! We’ve done what we are supposed to do by being faithful to give to God”!

I was 1/2 wrong on this!

The ministry you give to absolutely is held accountable for every penny they’ve been in trusted with!! However, if you know for a fact things are a little questionable, You will also be held accountable if you continue to give to that ministry! In fact, why are you still there if it’s “a little questionable”?

Things to ponder…
1. If you yourself give $2000.00 to a mission fund at your church and you find out they only send $1000.00 total out to their mission partners each month no matter how much is donated, is this wrong?

2. If the ministry you support has envelopes printed up with different accounts for your money to go in but actually keep it all in one pot and use the money for whatever they feel they need, is this wrong?

3. If you make a sizable donation to the youth group and it’s actually used for new light fixtures in the church, is this wrong?

4. If a ministry who was at one time very open about their use of finances, but now is not, is this wrong?

5. Is it the church body’s business to know how much their pastors get paid?

6. Should pastors only be accountable to each other, or should there be some sort of council to help make prayerful decisions?

What does the word say about this? Do you know? Do you feel the Word is simply a guideline and doesn’t have to necessarily be used for everything… What?!?!?!!! The Word is our good book! It’s the Bible! Of course we should use it!!

Paul has outlined the church and the cleanliness that needs to be inside the church very plainly… And since he actually physically walked with Jesus, I’m going to have to take his word for it!

I believe your tithes and offering should be used for whatever is needed for the church… Not a bonus for the pastors unless the church agrees on it… But for actual church bills and church needs. If you earmark your money to go to a specific area or ministry within the church, it better go there! And yes! Pastors need accountability! All leaders do!

This is our conviction! Let me know what you think.

Have a blessed weekend!!

3 thoughts on “Who’s Accountable??

  1. This is so good,fits right in to the conventional church structure.We home church, we visit others groups every 2md week,we are given the privilege to give back to God what He has totally owned and blessed us to give to others.We don’t use giving as a tax break [have you truly given] or keep tract to may sure we hit the right mark.nor are we a “self pro claimed”seperated church.You are right Paul gives many commands ,clearly stated it is in 1 cor 11, to obey and keep the traditions just as I delivered them to you. When you are called forth and ask where you send your tithes or you just “cash” don’t use the suggested envelope,we are not looking to a body of Christains,’ we have a business plan, a world structure,not found in heaven.Doing Gods way in a orderly way is covered in the word,we as mere servants still need to follow the goat,may we seek the light . love these keep on keeping on


  2. that was very well written. also, this is a subject that comes up in meeting etc. i feel that monies should go into the pot, with different sub-titles of where it can be used. if a gift is given to the pastor or special fund, it should go there also


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