Give to Multiply?!?!?!

I have to say that my husband and I love to give!!! We truly find joy in it even when we can’t really afford to do extra. We always know God will take care of us!

I have learned to truly… Truly look at the fruit of the ministry we are giving to. I am not going to give to a ministry who drives fancy cars, dresses in expensive clothing, and who, more importantly does nothing to give to others.

I honestly don’t care what they drive or wear… But if they have all those material things and don’t support other ministries that feed children or involve themselves in missions and charity work, they won’t be getting support from me any longer unless the Lord speaks to me specifically about their ministry!

I believe it’s fine for Christians to take care of themselves and enjoy life to the fullest as scripture tells us. However, we are not to enjoy the fatted calf, promise healing and restoration then leave hurting people to fend for themselves. A promise from man using the Word or not only goes so far!! Where is the action?!!!

We want to tithe to our church of course because their fruit is active and sweet and juicy!! 😉 not rotten and dead! We wouldn’t be there if we felt otherwise! We also support a local missionary and his family who we just love to pieces!! We truly have a spiritual connection with them and believe in what they are doing for the kingdom of God! We also want to be able to send money to Africa to help drill wells, to India to buy food and clothes for the rag pickers, orphanages, homeless mothers, (Hope For Today), we want to be able to give to the skateboard ministry in Ft Lauderdale because they go on several missions building skate parks for ministry purposes, and more!!!

This is our hearts desire! We also want to go on other missions in the future!

We are hungry to give, not to sit at a table of luxury drooling with greed!

Are the ministries you support active? What are they actively doing?… Bingo nights and tea parties, or taking care of widows, homeless, and hungry?? What is Kingdom business all about?? What did Jesus do when He walked the Earth? What did He commission us to do?

He gave away everything and went around feeding the hungry, healing the sick, taking care of widows, etc… He did not trade in his donkey for a new one every year or wear the finest silk robes and dawn a crown of gold on His head while everyone else starved. He put action where His promises were!

He showed love.


3 thoughts on “Give to Multiply?!?!?!

  1. yes I agree,when I see someone representing a “church”,I do hope to see the beauty of christ,in the actions of the whole I have mercy for their growth and weigh the spectrum to the word.We only give, as it has been given to us, by the Holy Spirit to give.I jump with joy in my heart when I see giving and when I see prayer that is done with tenderness and authority.We have boxed this again to a worlds standard of what value this represents,whether it is the tithes with a cheerful heart,or those who have in faith sold all, uprooted their wife and children to serve a furlong and live in the standard of another country,to teach of a loving redeeming God.I do my self have problems with tatoo parlor ministry,or ANY that blends the worlds “helps”[tax numbers,business deduction,gov issue food programs etc] with “church” as if Gods word and promise can not stand by itself.This may seem hard but He does state the seperation clause.AS being the called out ones, the church we have that personal responsilbity,not the group mentally that we can do more as the whole.There are many trues in that ,the band aid game ,the numbers game[keeping a tally], Jesus play a game with the children, let not your right hand know whats in the other. If we are not the lovers of c
    Christ, the givers,He will use the foolish of this world to do His bidding.Ever wonder why He uses the ravens to feed the elect?


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