Busy Bee

This just hit me… Tell me what you think!

Ok… I always think “why are we all so busy all the time?” There is always something to do, a position to fill, a place to go, a job to fill, an errand to run, an appointment to meet, etc…

I’m tired just writing all that!!

Then we end up giving up good health and money that we work so hard for to run through a drive through because we don’t have time!

Have you ever noticed that when you do have some down time someone else is standing on your doorstep ready to give you more work or help take some of theirs?

So here’s my question…
Do we stay busy to keep from having to do other peoples’ jobs?
Do we stay busy because we are doing other peoples’ jobs?

I know there was a simpler time!… Way back… When?

4 thoughts on “Busy Bee

  1. I heard a phrase years ago at a women’s conference that I just can’t forget. In fact, I just blogged about it. BUSY stands for Being Under Satan’s Yoke. Yikes!


  2. it seems like people are taking on bigger loads today. not always wanted either, and sometimes feeling like we have to. work places have downsized, placing more pressure and stress on each of us. we work many hours to survive, forcing our children to be brought up by others and some are left alone to raise themselves. through this guilt of not being there, we boggle our mind with ways to make up to them, sometimes by buying them the world, then there is holidays, that are supposed to be spent as family. now we work, and we may miss that special time, or have to go to more than one visit for a holiday. we get up early and we go to bed late, exhausted, only to have to repeat this again the next day. there used to be Sunday’s off, stores and businesses were closed. now because of greed most everything is running seven days a week. then there is the media, fooling us into believing that we are not good enough as we are, so we stress over this, join gyms, exercise too much. what happened to the simpler life, families working together, Sundays spent in church, god being the number one goal? greed, guilt, money, and Satan. You may or not believe this, and it is alright, this is just one human’s point of view


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