Congrats… U made my blog!

Yes! Lady with baby, you’ve made your way in my blog. Is this a good thing??? Probably not today!

I have to admit, I’m tired and a little on the grouchy side today… It’s been a very long and busy week! However, I really believe this would irk me either way.

Karate belt test for 4 hours + lady with baby running up and down the court pushing the stroller in front of everybody and butt ending up in my sons video = irritation!!!! I don’t care to partake in a “my baby’s cute” show… That’s what pageants are for.

Lesson; A little consideration for other people is always a good thing. If we would all think about others rather than ourselves at least most of the time, the world would be a happier place!

Side note to lady with baby: today was about the children in karate… Not you and your baby!

That’s all! Lord forgive me for my attitude. 😉

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