No compromise

I am a no non-sense no compromise kinda girl! I will not compromise my faith to please someone else no matter who they are and I will never deny my love for Jesus! I have always prayed to God to bless me with wisdom beyond my years and I try not to pass up any opportunity to pray and seek the will of God.

I believe it is the day and age that all Christians need step up to the plate and do these same things!

Everywhere you look sinful ways are over taking the world. Child pregnancies, demonic live canabalism, people devoting their lives to laziness living off the government believing everyone else owes them everything and anything they want. There is constant theft, cheating, lying, fraud, drug use, and spousal abuse. There is selfishness in such a way that even Christians would say “I’m not supporting those African’s or Indian’s or Haitian’s, etc… They need to figure it out for themselves”! We are surrounded by news that could easily cause us all to live in a state of utter and complete fear all while we have the answer to all these problems!!!

Do you truly believe Jesus is the truth, the life, and the way?

We have to live this truth like we truly believe it and are completely unashamed. In fact, if you call yourself a Christian it is a mandate from the Lord! Your job is to share “the truth, the life, and the way” with your own life, your love, your words, your actions, and yes!… Your money! God knows what you can give and He also knows what’s in your heart!

You may possibly have the resources to sponsor a child blessing them with school clothes and fresh food to eat. You may have the recourses to provide a small village with clean fresh drinking water. You may have the ability to “make someone’s day” with just a smile or a hug or a compliment or a scripture on your FB page. You may bless someone with a phone call or an hour of rest while you watch their children or by being a caregiver for a couple of hours. The possibilities are endless! Our recourses and abilities are endless! Our TIME… Is not endless!

The return of Christ is inevitable! It’s going to happen… And very soon. Those who mock this, chuckle, roll their eyes, think “yeah, we’ve been hearing that since Jesus rose from the dead”… I hope you come to your senses. Do you believe Noah really built an ark? Do you believe the Earth was really flooded? Do you remember that he warned people for 1?? Years???

We must do our job and act like Jesus before He comes back to get us! I don’t want to here “I guess you can come inside”… I want to here “well done good and faithful servant!!! Please come in! See these people… They are all the people whose lives you helped and changed all for the glory of God!”

Does anybody want to join me in this endeavor???

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