What’s my job here?

Once you have decided on the church you feel you could fit into, I suppose it’s time to find yourself a job!?!?!?!???

Here are my thoughts on this… Absolutely we all need to do our part within the church we choose to attend! So, here are a few different scenarios for you.

1. You are new at this church. You never really got involved in the last church you attended. What should you do?
I would say, you should go find something you can be apart of. Maybe be a helper in the children’s program once a month. Make sure they do background checks! If you have hidden talents concerning music, dance, sign language, acting… ask if there is an audition process. If you love people ask about becoming a greeter! These jobs are usually on a rotation basis so you shouldn’t have to work every service. Find out what sort of rotation there is and tell them how often you are available.

2. You were the “yes” person at your former church and you’re exhausted.
Take a year off from commitments! Be sensitive to the Holy Spirit during this time though. During my year “off” I helped in the children’s church 2 times, did 1 local mission for about 2 hours one night, I went on 2 mission trips, and helped with crafts for VBS. That sounds like a lot, but they were all short term jobs that had no long term commitment. I also wasn’t heading any of these jobs up so I didn’t have to organize and check this and that and be in charge of 5-20 people. Each job was very different from the other and gave me opportunities to meet lots of different people within the church and just serve a little. You don’t have to do all that, but again, seek God during your resting time.

Whatever your circumstances are, please don’t think there is a wrong or right answer. Some times it’s ok to sit and soak in the Word. As I’ve said before, you can’t pour out of you what you aren’t full of. If you feel you are spiritually, emotionally, and or physically drained, you need to rest! God rested on the 7th day and He gives rest to the weary.

If you’re all rested up… Don’t be lazy! Do your part! The church is not a soup kitchen and there are several wonderful people who work consistently to make sure the children are learning and are kept safe, the band starts practice on time with no fighting (who knew that existed?), there is a timely message from the Lord for you, the bulletins are printed and folded, the parking lot is clean, the grass is mowed, the book store is open, the coffee is made, the floors are vacuumed, the toilets are clean, etc… The kingdom of God… The life and death of Jesus Christ are all about giving. Give of your time, your financial recourses, material things when there is a need, etc… You’ll find in this giving of yourself, you find God in a much more tangible way. Your heart will begin to melt for people and your love will grow and begin to overflow right out of your heart all over others!

2 thoughts on “What’s my job here?

  1. This is so true. I had some down time, and was able to soak in the Word. Now I am back doing the piano every Sunday, but thats okay. I am ready again. Better be, piano players are in short supply (ha-ha). Really, this is great and I enjoyed this one. It hit home. Thank you for all your nuggets.


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