Where’d the Time Go?!

Doing ministry work is wonderful!! My husband and I both have a heart to do as much as we can physically and financially. We goal ourselves to love, give, clothe, feed, etc… We know how to hear from God and we know what we are called to do by Him.

When other opportunities open up for us to serve we pray about them. When we feel peace and feel we’re supposed to do the job, we own our responsibility to Christ. If we don’t feel we are supposed to dive in and do… We don’t.

It wasn’t always like this. I allowed time thieves to freely partake of all my energy for a long time.

First of all, you have to get your priorities in order. If you’re allowing your church to take everything out of you, getting huffy when you say no, you are in as much error as they are.

God gave you your children and your spouse. He gave you your family. He blessed you with a job. Don’t use these wonderful things as excuses to never work for Him, but realize that you need to appreciate those special gifts He has given only to you.

Sometimes you have to learn to say no. Watch for those who try to control and steal your time for their own benefit. You are not a personal assistant or a slave. You are a child of the living God.

I believe we are to help and do our part in the body of Christ, but unless it is a full time paid position, you should not be expected for volunteer positions to smother you, stress you, be so time consuming that you fall back on other responsibilities, etc… You will begin to loose sight of your true mission in ministry. You will begin to miss out on family functions and not be included in great memory making time. You may be missing out on blessings because you are doing everything other than what you are called to do.

Seek the face of God and the voice of the Holy Spirit to know when enough is too much, when you’re working like a busy bee doing busy work rather than true Kingdom business, and when or if you are being used and taken advantage of. If you feel peace about stopping or stepping down from a job or position, don’t allow people to condemn you. Try hard to follow through with things you have already committed to if they are short term jobs and then move on!

One thought on “Where’d the Time Go?!

  1. God gave adam and his wife a place to garden,He gave noah the wisdom to have righeousness ,obedience ,maybe love to save His family,then told him to plant a vineyard. WE have to remember enoch ,traveler to the cities to see if any would follow, but returned home.Did the Father ask more of us,yes and yes,we us jump out of the garden[an introduce the evil one to our family],maybe people that don’t share the same values,may discont something more than family,all in the name of “ministries”.Whish or which leads to seperation.I agree, when we think we are humbly serving Gods people self won’t be on a stage


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