I’m trying to muster up my feelings about this subject! Here goes…

Why in God’s creation (I mean this with all honor to Him!!!) do church “families” feel it’s ok to stop all communication with a “sheep” who has left the “flock”??? It’s sick and perverted! It is not an act of God!!

It is absolutely appalling to me that people who call themselves Christians would do this to other believers! This act is not at all a characteristic of Jesus! It is not a characteristic of 1 Corinthians 13, the love chapter! It is not a characteristic that a Christian should carry!

It amazes me that some Christians get so offended by other people calling them hypocrites. Yet, some continue to shun those who don’t follow what the leaders want them to do. They shun unbelievers who need to be shown the love of Jesus more than anybody. They choose favorites within churches, favorites between their children, gossip about their friends, and ostracize other Christians and even family members.

God help them!! God have mercy!!

Look for these signs! Ostracism is unhealthy, heartbreaking, and twisted. If you have done this yourself, repent and ask God to help you in this area. If you have watched your church do this and have ignored it, repent and ask God for wisdom… Maybe to know when to leave. If you are currently looking for a church, listen around for cases like this. Be watchful and be careful. You want to be a part of a healthy church body who lives by the conviction of the Holy Spirit, who acts like Jesus, and loves unconditionally!!! I said… Loves Unconditionally.

Btw… Everyone is welcome here at Wise Little Nuggets! 😉 have a blessed, safe, and happy weekend!!!

7 thoughts on “Ostracism

  1. You see this is the liberty,I’m apart of His body,By my outside apperance I’m covered I’m modest ,and like the label of a paint can,you know,by tradition where I stand.When you open the can, any ones can, then ,you’ll see the “fruit ” of the color.I can play church, or I can worship the lord in the spirit of holiness.Do I forsake the gathering, no more then I forsake greeting my brethern with a holy kiss . I’m so welcomed and drawn in when we travel feel at home when we visit around to be cont:


  2. This is something that is very common in church. It’s a crying shame that when you find one that is truly loving and caring, it actually amazes you. For five years I attended a small church pastored by a relatively famous person. It was actually much worse than what you describe in your post. When people decide to leave that church, they are viewed as despicable people. The pastor will usually lead the congregation into a period of anger towards them, and utter disgust is expressed that these people “used” the pastor just to get healed and delivered. They bemoan the fact that these people should instead be totally grateful for what the pastor has done for them. Then there are numerous discussions about all of the appalling things these people did in their lives. Intimate details, that were very private between that person and the pastor, are now exposed to the rest of the congregation. This is done so as to partially justify the pastor, and to ensure that everyone knows that the person who left was indeed very wrong for doing so. There seems to be great hope that such a person will fail in life and become entangled all over again in disastrous living. One time, a person who died a couple of years after leaving the church was used as an example of what can happen when people leave. Yikes! What kind of pastor does this? Instead of expressing love and praying for the continued protection of someone who leaves, they are really cursing that person.


    1. Craig, I can almost completely relate!!!! I don’t remember hearing from our former that people used them for healing, but the rest of your story is “de ja vu”! Sorry you went through that! What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! That’s the attitude I’ve taken. We were told when I stepped down from the music ministry at the former, that that could cause divorce for us! It’s sick and twisted!


  3. On the other hand…there’s Matthew 18:15-17, 1 Corinthians 5: 1-4 (in both cases, dis-fellowship for the purpose of helping the person come to repentance), and 2 Corinthians 2: 5-11 (end the separation when there’s repentance).


    1. Thank you for posting. I read both scriptures and both say to either confront the person you have a problem with or pray for their deliverance. I don’t feel this is relevant to what I wrote as I’m referring to being shunned by a church just for going against what they want you to do. Not for sinning against God. We serve God not man.


  4. This is Church?

    The Lord showed me a vision a little while ago and in this vision I was standing in front of a church with glass doors so I was able to see inside the church. Looking inside, I could see the people were actively engaged in worship, I could see hands lifted praising God. However, when I looked at the doors themselves I noticed that they had no handles on them. To be “let in” to this church, you had to be let in from the inside. And, if you left, i.e., backslid or just decided to go elsewhere and then wanted to return, once again, you had to be let in by someone on the inside. I used to belong to a church like this where you had to be let in by the people on the inside, i.e., the clique. And, if you left, the pastor would instruct the congregation to not associate with you any longer. When I use the words, “let in”, I am speaking of being part of the fellowship, as I mentioned above, which are sometimes comprised of cliques. What I feel the Lord dropping in my spirit as I post this to my blog , is the church of Laodicea mentioned in the book of Revelation.We have all heard the famous passage of scripture, “‘Behold, I stand at the door and knock; if anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and will dine with him, and he with Me”. Every picture I have seen depicting this passage of scripture shows a door with Jesus standing outside knocking, however, the door upon which He is knocking has no handle, the one(s) standing on the other side of the door have to open the door and let Him in. Remember, Jesus was addressing the CHURCH of Laodicea in this passage,
    (Rev 3:20 NASB)


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