Church; a place of worship. What is worship? Worship is the most outward expression of love, admiration, honor, thankfulness, and praise that we can give to God.

What happens in worship? During worship as you completely fix yourself on the King of Kings, you usually leave with answers to prayers, healing, freedom of things that held you back from forgiving, moving on, witnessing, reaching your full potential in Christ, etc…

Though worship is all about Him, He loves to turn around and bless us just because He loves us!

If you are attending a church that leaves you depressed, angry, feeling used and abused, being used and abused, feeling belittled and worthless, how can you effectively worship the Lord there? Some would say you’re focusing on yourself and you’re selfish… I say, God isn’t pleased by this behavior from churches and it’s time you move on.

Church is a place of worship! It is Holy ground where God can show up and leave you feeling comforted, loved, special… Like you belong to Him. Church is not a place for rude sticky notes, judgmental looks, rolling eyes, strife, deception, lying, witchcraft, manipulation, or any other trait the devil beholds.

I encourage you to embrace your time with your God. Embrace the love He has for you! Realize that you are special, He wants to use you to promote and grow His kingdom, and He has wonderful special plans for you!! Realize He wants to pour out His favor and Honor on you who love Him. Then, walk in these things! Walk in the true freedom of Christ and stop allowing yourself to be bound up by things that hold you back from being all God wants you to be!

6 thoughts on “Emotions

  1. God no longer resides in hands made by man but in the heart that is His. We have glorified ,idolized, and should put aside the building ,the “man” prophet ,those who say they speak for the lord thur “works” and miricals that usaully point to them while they speak with forked tongue, hand out pointing to the Father. The holy ground doesn’t start in a building it is in what happens on the way to church,maybe in the home,we like to switch on a button of “sensitive time” okay 10 o’clock the lords now hears us.Come on, we need to stop the drama set up,where it be in “lets set the spirit” of worship. Try having Home worship ,where you set in training a time for your children or let them see you, even if your weeding the gardening in your slip at 7 am dew all over you as you sing, pray, and worship in spirit and truth. And yes for those “have gentelness,and mercy” that need to be turn on by mans clock of tradition , some times they won’t be moved by any spirit then the one up front.Christ in me, around me, through me,By His own leading I hear, I don’t need to be told when a spirit is on in or around.He said, when He goes ,He sent the Comforter,it has been done. thank you for your time blessings on your sabbath praise His holy name blessings plainlycovered LG


  2. Rach, So good, so true… Also, be respectful of this VERY INTIMATE special moment of time with GOD… DO NOT use this time to go talk to someone about things that have nothing to do with church, or even if it does, WAIT! If it is something regarding the service, then please whisper… Others around you are entering a very sensitive time they probably need very much… DO NOT rob them of that…


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